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    Steffen Wilhelm

    Jessie, can I add to Ron's need / question: I'd lik my agents to have access and use the apps I (as admin) have downloaded. But in the role restrictions menu, I'm only given a choice to enable for "Admin" and/or "Light-Agents". What about the normal "Agent" role? Is that included within "Light-Agent"? Thanks!

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    Joel Hellman

    Could we improve on this article by clarifying some things?

    1 The effects of 'Disable' vs. 'Uninstalling' an app, and 'Disable' and then 'Enable'.

    - Is disabling an app safe and reversible? I.e. should you ever be concerned about possible data loss or locked custom fields.
    - Is there any difference in uninstalling a disabled vs an enabled app?

    2 How to go about to update an app. Apps doesn't seem to auto-update, but new versions are regularly released, so you could update your apps to benefit from bug fixes and new features.

    For apps I have written myself, I know I can use the Update action (only available for private apps as far as I know). And this is how I update non-private apps:
    1. First uninstall it. (You may lose custom field data here, depending on the app. If so, I believe you would get a warning first, during the uninstall action, but I'm not 100%).
    2. Manually removing any triggers/custom fields left over by the app.
    3. Install the app again.

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    Colin Piper

    And just to make it more fun, there are some apps that do automatically update.

    In general, apps developed and supported by Zendesk (such as the time tracking app) do update automatically. Those that are Zendesk Labs apps do not and for any that are written by third parties, it is down to that third party if they wish to build in some form of update I believe.

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    Jennifer Rowe

    That's great feedback, Joel and Colin. We'll work on an update to clarify those things. Thanks for your comments!

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    Andrew Mills

    App ordering appear to not work properly on a new ticket.  App order is find on an existing ticket, but on a new ticket page, my Sweekhawk deadlines and reminders app is no longer at the top.

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    Tom Cerceo

    Hi, Is it possible to change a private app to show limited information for specific people, like Administrators and Agents? For example, I want one Agent to be able to have access to an app but not have access to all the information contained in it, and another agent will be able to have access to everything. Thank you in advance for your help.  

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    Alex Culligan

    Hi Tom,

    That can be written into the JavaScript. You could get the current User Object then display things based on the user id, custom role id, or user tag. For example:

    client.get('currentUser').then(function (data) {
    var userId =;
    if (userId === 1234) {
    // Action for this specific user
    } else {
    // Action for all other users

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi there,

    what do you think about this article about app updates? Is it covering that topic? -

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    Maxutow Andrei

    Hi there!

    After installing and starting to use Zendesk Support  app on the iPhone 7, the phone began to hang very strongly (exactly when entering the application). After the next Zendesk Support app using the phone is frozen and now it does not help even hard reset


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    Eldien Hasmanto

    Hi Jennifer,

    Is it possible to disable download button in cog menu for private apps ?                               Similar like the apps from marketplace that there is option to download the apps.



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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Eldien!

    I'm not sure I understand what you're asking...where are you seeing this download option?

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    Andrew Mills

    I see what you mean Eldien, @jessie there is an option there to redownload an app you have installed. However if you sell private apps or simply don't want other admins backwards engineering them this option could be a pain.

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    Eldien Hasmanto

    Hi @Andrew , yes correct. Is it possible to do that ? Since I want restrict other admins to not do backwards engineering, they have to consult with the apps developer if need to modify

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Thanks for the clarification, Andrew!

    Eldien, to the best of my knowledge there isn't a way to prevent this but I'm going to check on it and see what I can find out.

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    Brad Ladwig

    Hi Eldien,

    As it turns out, since there is no way to refine role access for administrators, it is not possible to prevent any admin from having access to that download button.  Additionally, it is not possible to access the agent interface code to make any custom changes.  Sorry we can't be more helpful on this one.  

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    Luz Marsen


    we are using specific apps which are important for some agents, but not for all.

    Is there a way to set the order (or appearance) of apps in the panel individually, so that every agent can arrange the order by him/herself?

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    Andrew Mills

    Hello Luz, you cannot reorder app for individual agents. However you can limit app access by group. This isn't necessarily a solution, but you can add more than one of some app types... So maybe you could have one in a certain position for one group and another for the others... Just thought of that so haven't tested it.

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    Jessica Chlarson

    A few of my colleagues and myself are experiencing our apps disappearing from the right side of our tickets. What would cause this?  Sometimes if we log out and then back in, they re-appear - but not usually. What can we do to be able to use Zendesk as it was designed? 

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    Oliver Jackson

    Am I right in thinking that "Agents" cannot view the "Manage" sub-menu under "Apps"? 

    If so, does this mean that the only way they can install private apps is by making them temporarily admins to do this? And again, if so, will making them simply "agents" again lead to them losing their private app?

    Three questions there, apologies! :)


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    Matilde Sanabria

    Hi Jessica,

    For this type of behavior we normally recommend to clear your browser's cache and then restart it and log back in to your Zendesk and it clears it up.

    In your case you mentioned that you are not the only one experiencing this issue, but some of your colleagues as well, being that the case I suggest to open a ticket with our support team and to please provide screenshots, browser the affected agents are using? and any other information you may find relevant.

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    Madison Davis

    Hi Oliver! Unfortunately, there's no way to grant a user with any role other than Admin the permissions to install or manage apps (even with custom roles). So to answer your questions, yes, a temporary bump would allow them access to install an app! And yes, when you downgrade them again, they'd lose that access; however, to be clear, private apps aren't private to individual users in your account! Private apps simply are apps that aren't publicly available in our apps marketplace

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