Using business rules to share tickets (Professional and Enterprise)

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  • Justin Graves
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    My ask is similar to Jordan, but kinda the reverse. I'd like to have the feature he mentions as well by the way.

    I would like to set up a Trigger or Automation to fire upon the REMOVAL of ticket sharing. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Or does anyone know of a Community request to add that feature so I can pile on with my use case?

    Or does anyone know of a Zendesk add-on or 3rd part application which could hide the Sharing field entirely for a subset of agents? << if I could do that I could prevent un-sharing by "limited" agents and have them effectively submit a request to unshare via a Macro which would notify admin agents and also add/remove tags.

    My use case is that when an agent removes ticket sharing, I'd like to be notified/have an approval process and I'd like to remove certain tags which I have set up to be applied upon sharing. These tags cause the tickets which are shared to show up in certain views but now when tickets are un-shared they still show up in those views because I can't remove the tag automatically. It seems very strange that we can create rules to trigger upon application of ticket sharing but not upon removing ticket sharing.

    Thanks in advance :)


  • Andrew J
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    Looking for how it works if the account shared to wants to cancel sharing... we are just trialing this and immediately we need the ability for them to be send back if the issue is something that the shared team cannot deal with.

  • Avil Mascarenhas
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    +1 for Justin's question

    How can we identify that the Ticket sharing was removed.


    I need to remove the tags related to the ticket sharing, since the sharing was done by an error


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