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  • Wisam.

    But in the view I can't sort with a specific tags or words...

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Wisam!

    I'm sorry, I think I'm confused about what you're trying to do here. So are you searching for tags or keywords and then needing to sort the results by ticket subject?

  • Dominic Feira

    Please just file a ticket that we would like to be able to sort by any column on any report or search results. The fact that it can't already do this is kind of silly, considering that the underlying database can clearly return sorted results.

  • Andrey Nikolaev

    How can we search for the exact custom ticket field (text)?

    If we use option fieldvalue:44 it returns search by all custom fields

  • Chris Tout

    Is it possible to query on whether side conversation messages are present in tickets?

    Something like 


  • Molly

    Hey Andrey!

    I'm going to open up a ticket for you to discuss this behavior further - stay tuned for that update!

    Chris - currently there isn't an option to search for tickets created with side conversations. However, we do recommend adding a tag to your tickets with side conversations for tracking purposes.

  • Charles Wood

    I have a feeling I've suggested this already, but it would be great if we could search by the "received_at" of a ticket.


  • Michael Teets

    The help section above, under operators, states "In a search including data properties, use double quotes to perform an inclusive AND search, returning results that include all properties in the search."

    "inclusive AND" is not a logical principle in Boolean logic.  The options are "inclusive OR", "exclusive OR" and "logical AND".   As far as I can tell through testing, searching the API with multiple quoted strings is an "inclusive OR".

    Can you clarify if it is fact an inclusive OR under all circumstances?

  • Paul

    I believe that the search guidelines for organization are incorrect here.   you have to change the search from



    to name:yourorganizationname


    as the top search does not work in my search or the integration with zapier. 

  • Ian Goldberg

    Hey there, is there a way for me to search for specific MAQL strings such as: 

    SELECT COUNT (Ticket Id, Ticket Text Field Change) WHERE Text Field= Group AND [Text Field] New Value = [Group] Basic AND (SELECT #Ticket Creation EventBY Ticket Id)=1
    where #Ticket Creation Event =
    SELECT COUNT (Ticket Id, Ticket Text Field Change) WHERE[Text Field] Previous Value = (empty value) AND Text Field = Status AND Ticket Status<>Deleted
    Trying to use a reporting tool and can't seem to search for tickets which were at one point in time touched by a group. Feedback is much appreciated...
  • Gal Zohar

    Is there an option to search by next SLA breach? This would be super useful in the API.

    Something like:

    group:K24x7 assignee:none sla_next_breach_at<2019-04-01 12:00:00


    I know I can execute a view via the API and get that (sort of), but I'll need to do much more work to filter out the results that don't match my filter... All I really need is a COUNT of tickets that match some SLA breach time filter.


  • Tim Li

    Is there any way to use regular expression (regex) to search in tickets' description? 

  • Bryan Flynn

    Hi Tim. You're not missing anything -- requests for regular expression search in this area and others have come up before. It isn't in the product at this time. I'll pass this along to our product management group.

  • Elliott Balsley

    How can I search other user fields such as active, created_at, or time_zone ?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Elliot,

    You should be able to search the time the user was created by using the created keyword. More information can be found in the documentation above. I've also attached our Zendesk Support advanced search article which I believe you'll find useful as well.

    As for the timezone and whether the users are active or not, you'll most likely need to use the Support API to pull this information.

    Hope this helps!

  • Syndi Martin

    Can someone tell me how to search for archived tickets so i don't have to read 165 comments to see if this is possibly addressed? I need to see all archived tickets

  • Jerry


    Is there a way to search multiple tickets  in zendesk support ?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    @Syndi I replied to your post here: Searching Tickets. Hope this helps!

    @Jerry how exactly are you searching for these tickets? Are you searching by ID or ticket fields? Let me know!


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