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  • Michelle Jung

    Can we embed social links into our email template? How do we do this?


    Also is it possible to customize our email responses other than altering the HTML?

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Michelle - 

    HTML is the only way currently available for customizing your email template. 

    You should be able to put in links to social media the same way that you would put in a link to any other website as outlined above. 

  • Victoria Moree

     i have a question concerning zendesk email design: we have the information how to change emails and the contents of it. This is normally done with the triggers and the email body within the triggers. However the specific Zendesk welcome email (after the ticket has been created) and its content is not in the triggers. How do we change the content of this message? 


  • Jon Daniels
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey Victoria!

    The following documentation covers how to update the text of the welcome email:

    Customizing the user welcome email

    Hope this helps!

  • Bill Cicchetti

    Sinnce the ##- Please type your reply above this line -##  line cannot be removed it shows even on email notifications to clients when they are informed that a ticket is now closed (and you really DONT want them to reply )  

    Has anyone found a solution to this so that they cannot reply back to the notification or "hide" this line on closed ticket notifications?

  • Jørgen Sivesind

    Hi ZenDesk!

    What is the relation between the e-mail body in the trigger and the {{content}} tag in the e-mail template.  Does the "e-mail body" define what the content is?  I have not found any doc that explains this clearly.

    Is it possible to remove all the comments in the ticket, from the e-mail that is sent out?  Ideally, I would like to send out an e-mail that only says:  "Your ticket, <xxx>, has been updated, please see this link (<link to ticket>), to see the changes."  -  This is what Facebook and many other do now.  It makes the data posted in the comment much more secure, since it requires a login to view it.

  • Ryan W
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Jørgen! 

    That's exactly right, the Comment placeholders (which are {{ticket.comments_formatted}} by default) is what transmits the body of the message to your customer -- By removing that, your reply will not be included in the notification.

    More specifically, your triggers are what controls almost all correspondences that go to the emails of your customers -- you can control what is sent by altering the triggers.


    Hopefully that helps!

  • Jørgen Sivesind

    Hi Ryan!

    Yes.  That is very helpful and quite a simple fix! 😜

    Then I found the list of placeholders here: - I think I have what I need now.

  • Jessica Tovar

    When attempting to add an SMS link to text our support. The link does not become clickable on mobile or desktop. Alternatively, tel works however we need to open text instead.


    <a href="sms:+1408-551212">New SMS Message</a>
  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Jessica,

    Let's test something out, remove the dash in the phone number and see if that works.

  • Jessica Tovar

    Hi Devan,

    It does not work with the following sms formats, we have attempted multiple combinations:

    <a href="sms:+1310620-1535">New SMS Message</a>
    <a href="sms:+13106201535">New SMS Message</a>
    <a href="sms:+1(310)620-1535">New SMS Message</a>
    <a href="sms:+1(310)6201535">New SMS Message</a>
    <a href="sms:+1310-620-1535">New SMS Message</a>
    <a href="sms:+1310-6201535">New SMS Message</a>
    <a href="sms:+310620-1535">New SMS Message</a>
    <a href="sms:+3106201535">New SMS Message</a>
    <a href="sms:+(310)6201535">New SMS Message</a>
    <a href="sms:+(310)620-1535">New SMS Message</a>
    <a href="sms:1310620-1535">New SMS Message</a>
    <a href="sms:13106201535">New SMS Message</a>
    <a href="sms:1(310)620-1535">New SMS Message</a>
    <a href="sms:1(310)6201535">New SMS Message</a>
    <a href="sms:310620-1535">New SMS Message</a>
    <a href="sms:3106201535">New SMS Message</a>
    <a href="sms:310-620-1535">New SMS Message</a>
    <a href="sms:(310)620-1535">New SMS Message</a>
    <a href="sms:(310)6201535">New SMS Message</a>
  • Ayal Kellman

    Hi - is allowing dynamic content placeholders in the email template something that is in the pipeline?

    This is especially painful when we are managing left to right and right to left languages and we want to add links to the template. Right now, we can only add in English but this doesn't look good when the requester's language is right to left. 


  • Acenerate

    As a side note, along the lines of customized email templates and adding links - you may be interested in our Zendesk Marketplace app, Klick-Zen.  Klick-Zen gives you the ability to create a button to add to customer emails, that can take a variety of actions on the ticket.

    The buttons can be inserted via HTML (that Klick-Zen generates for you) which can be added directly to a Zendesk trigger template, allowing the customer to take direct actions on the ticket that is created, such as setting a custom field, to better assist your agents.

    Check out our website for more information:




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