Understanding and managing suspended tickets and spam

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  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Ryan Frye

    I agree with Brett, you'll likely want to contact them. Also, what reasoning for the suspended ticket is Zendesk giving you? If it's because the Ring Central user has a zendesk email associated with it, it could be as easy as changing the email the Ring Central user uses to create the ticket. 

    Lastly, I'm pretty sure Ring Central has more than one way to integrate with Zendesk. We happen to use the NICE In Contact Frontline Agent Console which works pretty well and attaches a voicemail.

  • Ryan Frye

    Hi Brett & Heather, 

    Thank you for the replies. We don't have an integration setup at this time, we use the email forwarding. It's the same email that we use to forward our normal support tickets into Zendesk. I've tried whitelisting the email address.

    I'll take a look at the article as well as the possible integrations. 

    Best regards,


  • Richard Bickle

    Trying to understand the sequence of events with Recovering Suspended Tickets.  If I have a 30 suspended tickets, and it's a mixture of:  true spam, a couple items I need to work, and some Out of Office Replies... when  I Recover all 30 items, what steps occur first?

    Will ALL items be forced over as an actual ticket, then my rule and triggers will be ran?

    Or will "certain" items be deleted before an actual ticket is created?

    The only reason I asked this question is I believe our actual Tickets Created tally on the main Tickets Dashboard is much higher than the actual tickets we need to work (aka "workable tickets").

    Can anyone provide any thoughts, insights or clarity for me?

  • Brett - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Richard,

    We actually have an article that goes over recovering tickets here: Viewing, recovering, and deleting suspended tickets

    Once a ticket has been recovered, it will be treated as a new incoming ticket and triggers should run as normal. If you run into any errors recovering a ticket, check out this article: Suspended Ticket Could not be Recovered Error

    Let me know if you have additional questions or concerns.


  • Richard Bickle

    Hi Brett - I should be more specific about my question as the currently published information doesn't answer my question.

    To re-frame, I'm trying to figure out my Total Tickets are counted.  If 100 emails go into the Inbox, I understand that all of those received a Ticket # and those would be counted towards my Total Tickets widget on the dashboard.

    If 50 emails go directly into Suspended Tickets, i would obviously go to "recover" them by using all of my Triggers that I've set up.  Would ALL 50 of them count towards to my Total Tickets, or would only those that weren't deleted count?  I'm trying to figure out if all 50 Suspended Tickets FIRST get assigned a ticket number, THEN all triggers are ran on them?  Or do the triggers run FIRST, thereby deleting some, then only those NOT deleted get assigned a ticket number.  

    Does that provide more clarification for you?  Sorry for the confusion.

  • Brett - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Richard,

    I appreciate the clarification!

    The dashboard would not include any tickets that were deleted from the Suspended queue. Only tickets recovered from the Suspended tickets view. Technically, these emails are not assigned a ticket # until they have been recovered from that view. So if they remain in this view or get deleted, it will not count towards your Total Tickets. Triggers will only run on these emails that have been recovered from the Suspended Tickets view since they aren't considered tickets until after recovery.

    Hope this clears up any confusion!

  • Ron Caron

    I'm an IT Manager and stand-alone agent for our company's helpdesk.  If and end-user get's a potential spam or other malicious email, they want me to evaluate it or provide advice.  How can they send that email to me without it going to Suspended tickets.  The problem is if I'm offsite, or the employee is offsite, I can't walk over to the employee's computer and look at it there. 

  • Sean Cusick
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Ron, Zendesk can not be used very effectively to transmit malicious emails. We do everything in our power to suspend or reject those. If they are only spammy then they can be sent but they will land in the suspended queue, where they can be recovered and viewed by you. If they contain malicious files then they may be rejected. You might want to create a system in which the eml file could be uploaded to a fileshare service so that a link can be sent that would contain the eml file, where you could recover it to examine. That link should be able to be processed into a ticket normally. Please let us know if you have any more questions. 

  • Hannah Ehrlich



    We get a huge number of "Received from Support Address" from suspended tickets and I'm not sure why - I added our incoming email addresses that users can submit through via the "Connected through Google" option. These include:



    I thought I would be able to change the reply-to to something else to avoid getting so many suspended tickets, but it doesn't look like I can customize that separately. If i want to continue using these email addresses as our support channels, what can i change so they will be suspended less?


    Am I suppose to create a Zendesk email address and forward all the Google emails to there somehow, or have users reply to a Zendesk email rather than our Gmail?

  • Brett - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Hannah,

    If the reason is "Received from Support Address" then you would need to change the who is sending the email to your support address before a ticket is generated. Most likely this would need to be taken care of on your email providers side.

    The reason these are getting suspended is because otherwise you would have email looping.

    The sender should be the requester of the ticket and not the support address you've set up.

    Let me know if that doesn't make sense.


  • Hannah Ehrlich

    Hi Brett,

    Thanks for getting back to me! We use gmail as our email system, but we have a Google suite custom domain. Does this mean that the person emailing support@mycompany.com is email *from* support@mycompany.com?

    For example, we email you at youremail@gmail.com an ad from our email address, ads@mycompany.com, for something you want to unsubscribe from. You click "reply" on that email, which sends the email to support@mycompany.com saying 'I want to unsubscribe!.

    Does Zendesk perceive this email as being sent from "support@mycompany.com" or "ads@mycompany.com"?  

    Could I solve this by asking our email administrator to change the reply-to email on this somehow? Do you have specific language i should include in my request?

  • Brett - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Hannah,

    That's most likely the case if the reason for suspension is "Received from Support Address". You can find a full list of your support addresses under Admin>Channels>Email.

    It's possible the forwarding rule is set up incorrectly so you definitely want to get your email admin involved. They'll either want to check the forwarding rule or see if they can change who is sending the email back to your Support Address so it's no longer getting suspended.

    Hope this helps!

  • Lisa S

    Hi, is it possible to add filters to the suspended tickets view? Such as country, language or support group? Thanks.

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Lisa S,

    No, you would not be able to filter or change the suspended ticket view currently as the base product stands. I would recommend sharing your use case in our product feedback forums so our developers can consider implementing changes to this view in a future update.

    Best regards.

  • Nelson Oliveira

    we are using 1 instance of zendesk for 25 countries as recommended. 1000 agents in total.
    how to segment the display of suspended tickets by country ?
    this is very very painful difficult time consuming to manage with one single list of suspended tickets.


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