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    Hello, We are using 3 different languages and pinned to home articles in Help Center. Our articles are written in English and only displayed in the English version. We would like to display these articles for the other languages, without translation, just displaying the same articles as we are displaying in the English version. Could you tell me a way to do that without recreating all the articles manually for each language?
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    Jessie Schutz
    Hey Sami! I answered this for you over here: Please let me know if you have any other questions!
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    Chris Nordman

    Does anyone have advice on how to translate help docs at scale?  Any services you recommend?  Thanks!

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    Is there a way to have the Not Satisfied Reasons dropdown to be translated as well. 

    We have enabled locale and the rest of the content on the page is translated (in this case, to Spanish). Refer screenshot below, the drop down options for "Not Satisfied", is a mix of English and Spanish


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    Laura Hippert

    Hi djmiths! When you create your bad rating follow-up questions (in the Admin section > Settings > Customers > Satisfaction), you can use a dynamic content placeholder to provide translation for custom satisfaction reasons. I hope that helps!

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