Branding your Zendesk

The following branding changes will help ensure that the support experience you provide your customers feels integrated with the rest of your customer experience.

Changing the logo and colors for your Help Center

You can customize the logo and colors in your Help Center to make them feel more integrated with the rest of your company website.

For details, see Customizing the Help Center.

Editing your Zendesk account name

Your Zendesk account name appears on your Zendesk home page, in email notifications, and RSS feeds. To change your account name:
  1. Click Admin(), then select Settings > Account > Branding tab.
  2. Edit the Your Zendesk account name field.
  3. Click Save tab.

Customizing your email templates

You can change the text and appearance of your email templates to be consistent with the rest of your customer experience.

For more information, see Customizing your email templates.

Using your company email address with Zendesk

Your Zendesk currently uses a Zendesk email address. This will probably be confusing to your customers, so you should configure your Zendesk to use your company email address.

You can change the current email address ( to your own email address ( This will enable your customers to send email to and receive emails from an email address customized for your company.

Enabling customers to send support email to your company email address

If you want to enable customers to send support requests to your company email address, and you want to receive the tickets in your Zendesk, you need to set up email forwarding. Then you can receive support requests at external addresses and forward them to equivalent email addresses in your Zendesk account.

For example, you can forward email sent to to your Zendesk email

To receive support emails at your company email address, you need to configure email forwarding in your email server (for example, Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange server, or some other system), not in Zendesk. For more information, see Using an external email domain in the Zendesk Administrator Guide.


If you currently have an active support email address, you might not want to enable email forwarding for that email address until you are ready to start using Zendesk to manage your support requests.

Sending reply support emails from your company email address

In addition to receiving support requests at your company email addresses and then forwarding them to your Zendesk, you can also configure email to process reply emails to customers as if they are coming from your company email address and not a Zendesk email address.

Configuring Zendesk to send reply emails from your company email addresses requires two steps:

  1. Create an SPF record to allow Zendesk to send email on behalf of your email server.

    In other words, outgoing mail will appear to be from, not

  2. Update the default reply email address in the Email Channel settings page to your external support address (

For complete details, see Using an external email domain in the Zendesk Administrator Guide.

Changing your support URL to use your company domain name

You can make your Zendesk more integrated with your company website by removing zendesk from the support URL and using your own company domain name. For example, instead of

Essentially, where your domain name is registered, you need to create a subdomain and configure it so that when a user browses to that subdomain address, they are redirected to your Zendesk. A subdomain might be something like or, where support and help are the subdomains.

For detailed information about changing your support URL, see Changing the address of your support on Zendesk (host mapping).

Using a custom favicon

You can edit the favicon, the small icon that appears next to the title of a page in a browser tab, with your own logo.

To learn how to edit the favicon for your agent interface and end-user portal, see Adding a custom favicon to your Zendesk. For more information about editing the favicon in your Help Center, see Customizing the Help Center.

Customizing your Feedback tab

You can customize the text and apperance of the Feedback Tab to match the look and feel of your website.

For more information, see Setting up your Feedback Tab channel

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  • Avatar
    Michael Scarpelli

    I may be missing something, but it looks like this branding doesn't fully apply to Lotus? I have a header color set, for example, that appears to not be showing up.

    I dig Lotus, but would like to have the ability to distinguish the UI elements a bit more from one another. Since the palette is fairly monochrome now, elements blend a bit more than before.

  • Avatar
    Du Nguyen


    When I put my company website's URL to Website URL, Zendesk always opens the site on a new browser tab when users click on company's logo on Zendesk site. I want users to go back to the main site on the same browser tab because I want users to see both sites as a single site. Is it possible?

    The website is Zendesk support site for the website is


    Du Nguyen


  • Avatar
    Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Michael, You're right that the branding changes don't apply to the Agent dashboard in Lotus. They only apply to the web portal for end-users. I think the agent branding is still please stand by! :)


    Hi Du Nguyen, I'm not sure the answer to your question, so I'm going to create a ticket so someone from our support team and help!

  • Avatar
    David Okner

    Dear Du Nguyen

    I found some javascript for you but I cannot guarantee that it will do what you would like.

    Please test this in your sandbox first before placing it within your production site:

    var links = document.getElementsByTagName('a');

    for (var i=links.length-1; i>=0; i--) {

    links[i].target = "_top";


    I found this here:!topic/chrome/aMXaBSimUxU

    I hope this helps.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.



    Love Your Zendesk - The Fastest Way to Great Customer Support

    David Okner | Customer Advocate | +1 415-418-7506 |

  • Avatar
    Du Nguyen

    Thanks David. It works.

  • Avatar
    Edvard Ananyan

    I have seen that it is possible to fully customize the look&feel:


    How can I achieve the same result as it is on the picture?

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Edvard, thanks for your question. Please check out our CSS Cookbook topic on Replacing the header logo and title for more information on how do this. Good luck!

  • Avatar

    When I forward e-mails from an address belonging to my domain, to the zendesk support address, I have the following problem:

    When I reply to a ticket, I get a notification in the inbox which belongs to my domain and that in itself creates a new ticket. 

    Could this be because I have set up a trigger to assign tickets to a group when received in an e-mail address?

  • Avatar

    Hello Returns! It sounds like you are including an email address as a CC at some point in the chain. I'm creating a ticket for you so we can discuss and review in detail. See you there!

  • Avatar
    Taylor Cavanah

    I've got my cname alias setup and it works perfectly except that the url still shows up as in the url bar when I'm at our help desk.  Is it possible to mask the zendesk url completely so that it is a truly aliased domain? Thank you

  • Avatar
    Jonathan March

    @Taylor: If SSL is enabled (Settings / Security / SSL / Regular SSL) then the effect with a custom domain will be as you describe. To combine SSL with a custom domain, you need to follow these instructions:

    (We have not yet done this so I can't confirm that they work as described.)

  • Avatar

    We have a newly branded product and we would like to setup a support site that is branded with the new product name and logo. Do we need to create a completely new instance in order to do this or can we include it as a sub-site within our current instance?

  • Avatar

    Hi Richard: 

    If you're on the Enterprise plan, you can create a new trial account for your new brand. We'll link it up to your main account and you can use your Enterprise features. There's no charge for that account. It's a separate domain, so you can customize the portal as desired. If you're on any of the other plans, you'll need to create a separate Zendesk account for the new brand. You'll have to pay for the new subscription and agents needed within that instance. 

  • Avatar
    Mark Fury

    How do you brand the new Zendesk? I can get to the appropriate page, though the settings appear to be for the classic Zendesk interface.

  • Avatar

    Hey Mark: 

    All of the branding options apply to your public-facing web portal, or the Classic interface for your end-users. We'll be implementing branding options for the new agent interface in the near future. 

  • Avatar

    Regarding forwarding emails from to Zendesk.  Are there any negative repercussions of enabling the SPF record to allow forwarding to an external domain?  I am getting serious push back from my Exchange team to get this done.   

  • Avatar
    Lauren Fisher

    @Jon - While many of our customers use SPF records for allowing Zendesk to send emails out from their email domain, we can't require you to use it. If you are interested in finding out more about the overall pros and cons of using an SPF record I would suggest you research it, external of Zendesk, so that you have a more well-rounded opinion. 

    While we love when our customers are able to set up SPF records to allow our product to be used more to it's full capacity, if your team isn't 100% certain about doing so, that may be part of your company's workflow/security practices.

    Sorry I couldn't provide a more definitive answer!

  • Avatar
    James Palmer


    Our logo has our name in it, however on the header page our name is also displayed, from an aesthetic point of of view it doesn't look good.

    Is there anyway of removing our company name from the header page?


  • Avatar
    Brandon K.

    Hello Jpalmer,

    Absolutely! If you go to Settings > Account > Branding you can change your company name by editing what is in the field 'Your Zendesk account name'.

  • Avatar
    James Palmer


    But it wouldn't let me zero the name out - it says I must have a name in there.

    I want to remove it from being displayed on the portal.


  • Avatar
    Brandon K.

    Hey Jpalmer,

    If you zero the name out it will give you an error message but still remove the name from the portal. As long as you don't update the page a second time after it puts the account name back in there you should be able to keep your company name blank on the main page. Additionally, if you have programming resources at your company you could use CSS to hide the name.

  • Avatar
    Rahul Dave

    Any update on when this will be fixed for the Agent view? I am not a fan of the green and am not sure why even a simple color change is not even possible?

  • Avatar
    Brandon K.

    Hello Rahul,

    Thank you for asking about this. This is actually being discussed by our product team right now on how feasible it would be to introduce the ability to rebrand your colors in the new Zendesk interface and if it would be worth the development time. This would be the perfect time to create a feature request in our forum and get a strong backing from other users in there. Our product managers actively monitor that forum and a strong showing of support at this time would be crucial for this becoming a feature. You can find the feature request forum here:

  • Avatar

    Is there a way to customize the footer too?  Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Brandon K.

    Hello Sabrina,

    You would have to use CSS to customize the look of any part of your page that is not on the Branding section of Zendesk. Although this will require some custom coding on your side, the good news is that the Zendesk web portal is completely customizable through CSS and the footer could definitely be changed. You can add CSS to your Zendesk account by going to Admin > Settings > Extensions > Add a widget > Global CSS and you can learn more about coding in CSS by visiting our CSS cookbook here:

  • Avatar
    Cathy Grim

    I'm trying to change my support URL to use my company URL vs. ZenDesk: (we have it registered)

    I changed the Host Mapping as instructed above, but going to still takes me to:

    (yes I cleared my browser history and cookies...)

    Any suggestions?



  • Avatar
    Cathy Grim

    ^^ I got it... sorry for the spam.  It was the SSL setting.  When I turned SSL off, everything worked as expected.  Looks like we need the Plus or Enterprise Plan now :-)

    Thank you!


  • Avatar
    Brandon K.

    Hey Cathy,

    Thanks for letting us know that you were able to figure out your host mapping issue! For any other users that might have the same issue, here's a macro I created about this problem that may explain how to resolve the issue in more detail: 

    It looks like your host mapping is set up correctly but it appears that you have Regular SSL enabled, which is most likely the cause of this error. Regular SSL cannot work with a mapped domain and our system defaults on the security option over the branding option. I would recommend deactivating this option by going to Settings > Security > SSL and unselecting 'Regular SSL' in order to allow the host mapping to take effect. If you wish to continue to use secure browsing, you can upload a hosted SSL certificate on the same page you turned off regular SSL.

  • Avatar
    Cathy Grim

    Hi Brandon,

    Yep, SSL was the issue.  We're flipping the switch to the Plus plan tomorrow so I can turn SSL back on.


  • Avatar
    Mike Fourcher

    We love the knowledge base feature, but we'd like to get some SEO-juice out of it. Is there any way it can be mapped to a directory rather than a subdomain? Thus:

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