Managing your mobile Web portal

Note: If you joined Zendesk on or after August 21, 2013, you have the Help Center instead of the Web portal. If you landed on this page by accident, see the articles on using the Help Center.

A version of your Zendesk Web portal that is optimized for Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices is available to your support staff and your end-users.

End-users will see your Web portal, and depending upon the features you've made available to them, they may also submit and track their requests.

Agents that sign in to the mobile version will see all the Web portal content that they have permission to see. Agents cannot access the agent interface or work with tickets in the mobile site. To do that, agents need to download and install a mobile version of the Zendesk App. For more information, see

Your mobile site is enabled by default. If, for some reason, you want to disable it, follow these steps.

To disable/enable the mobile version of your Zendesk

  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Channels > Web portal.
    Zendesk Classic: Select the Settings menu, then select Channels > Web portal > Edit.
  2. Uncheck the Mobile Version > Enable setting.
  3. Click Save.

When disabled, your agents and end-users see the standard desktop web browser version of your Zendesk.

Your mobile Zendesk will use the same branding colors you set on the account branding page (see How to brand your Zendesk Web portal). You can additionally set a title for your mobile Zendesk and also add a logo that is sized appropriately for a mobile browser. By default, the title is the same as your Zendesk account. The title you set here only affects your mobile site.

To edit the branding of your mobile Zendesk site

  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Account.
    Zendesk Classic: Select the Settings menu, then select Account.
  2. Click the Branding tab.

  3. Enter the title for your mobile site.
  4. Optionally, choose and upload a logo that is no larger than 114 x 114 pixels. If you use a larger logo, it will be scaled down to fit, which might degrade the quality of your logo. If you don't upload a logo, the default home logo is used (as shown above).
  5. Click Save tab.
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  • Avatar
    Jim Stratton

    When the (still incomplete) Windows Phone version be updated?

  • Avatar
    Bruce B.

    Windows Phone... lol

  • Avatar
    Thomas Hansen

    Hi Jim

    We are experience some problems with the IE on Windows Phone and SSL certificates. We are looking to fix this as soon as possible.


  • Avatar
    Jim Stratton

    Bruce - hey, I like the Windows Phone. :-)

    Thomas - thanks, I appreciate the quick response.




  • Avatar


    Is it possible to change the color of the mobile header?


  • Avatar

    Hey Balazs: 

    The mobile branding shares the same colors you've set on your main help desk. If you have a black header on your portal, you'll have a black header on the mobile site. You can optionally upload a new logo for the mobile version. 

  • Avatar
    Giovanni Ferrari

    Hi Justin,

    how to let customers post new topics while using a smartphone?



  • Avatar

    There are no push notifications for new topics at the moment. If an end-user is subscribed to a forum, they'll receive an email notification when a new topic is created. 

  • Avatar
    Jonathan Semones

    Is there any css you can use to modify the header bar for the mobile site?  

    For our web portal they wanted to "brand bar" to be white and the menu bar to be green.  When the white gets used on the mobile site it makes the top kinda wimpy looking.

  • Avatar

    I would like to know how to remove the "My Requests" button from the mobile web portal.

    I was able to remove it from the full web portal using CSS provided in a Zendesk forum, however it still shows on the  mobile web portal. How do I remove it? See attached screenshot. 

  • Avatar
    Brandon K.

    Hey rmichel,

    We are working on increasing the customization you can do on your mobile portal and definitely plan to allow users to hide certain elements in the future. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to hide the 'My Requests' button on the mobile portal at this time.

  • Avatar
    Sylwia Raclawska

    Hey, I have two questions:

    1. Does SSO for users work also for this mobile version? We have SSO enabled in web, is it possible to do the same for mobiles?

    2. Since we migrated to the new Help Center I cannot access Community from mobile devices. Is this not supported?



  • Avatar
    Laura D.

    Hi Sylwia!

    1. The mobile apps don't support SSO, you'll still need a Zendesk password when you sign into the mobile app. If anyone hasn't set that up they can do so by going to "" and creating a new password. That password won't replace your SSO password, it will just let you create an additional, Zendesk only one to use with apps. 

    2. You're right, Communities are not yet available in the mobile version of Help Center, though I believe there are plans to make them available for mobile sties in the future. 

    Hope that helps!

  • Avatar

    there is currently any way to hide the 'Submit a request' button on the mobile portal?



  • Avatar
    Anthony Roman

    @Conrad - It is currently not possible to customize the mobile site so hiding the 'Submit a request' button is not possible. We have an existing product feedback article about this which you can see here: I suggest you add your vote to that article and also post your insights. For now, the only way to remove the button is to disable "Anybody can submit tickets" in settings > customers. Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Nikki Goodson

    @Laura, it seems that Communities are still not yet available in the mobile version of the Help Center?  Any ETA on that?

  • Avatar
    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Nikki!

    We're actively working on improvements to both the Community and to the Mobile experience, but we don't have any new information to share right now on when anything will be ready to go. 

    I would suggest keeping an eye on this article, as well as following our Announcements forum so you can be sure you get notified when there's an update.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

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