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    Can you please add the ability to apply a name to each IP. When you have a few hundred it gets hard to know which to remove etc.

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    Karen Stephen

    I have multiple brands set up.  

    I would like to restrict access to one of the brands by IP.  

    Currently, it looks like it is only possible to set global IP restrictions. Are there plans to add that functionality?

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    Ben Rohrs

    @Karen: Unfortunately there isn't a way to do this currently, nor are there current plans to add this capability. Can you please explain a bit more why you'd like to do this?

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    Karen Stephen

    @Ben: We currently have 2 brands that we use for public assistance.  We'd like to create a third brand for prototype testing and gathering internal feedback - but we want to restrict that brand to our internal staff, only.  

    Restricting by IP would have let us do that easily, but now it looks like we would need to rely on security through obscurity, instead.  If you have a better suggestion, though, I'd love to hear it!

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