Mapping attributes from Active Directory with ADFS and SAML (Professional and Enterprise)

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  • Nathaniel Erlandson


    Are we able to map an attribute to place an agent in a certain zendesk group? I'm guessing this may be an issue because the agent role needs to be given first, but I'm curious on what's possible. I haven't seen any examples in the documentation regarding mapping an attribute for group access, just for organization.

    Also, I'm guessing in order to map the agent role from an AD group, I need the agent signin switched over to SSO? I've only tried having a user sign-in via the help center, but authentication fails when I have the rule to map the role set in ADFS. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks



  • Garrick Rohm

    Hi Nathaniel,

    Table 1 in the following article outlines supported user attributes for SAML SSO - unfortunately group isn't included.

    Using SAML for single sign-on (Professional and Enterprise)

    Regarding updating an agent's role, you're correct - in order to update their role via SSO you'll need to enable SAML SSO for agents and admins.


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