Recipe: Setting up basic change management (IT example)

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  • Angela Franklin

    If we would like to have 2 approvals.  One by Peer Review and one by CAB Approval how would we set that up?  So after it is approved by a Peer Review it will automatically go to the CAB Approval.  Unless they are emergency then they will be auto approved.

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Appreciate the follow-up Nick :)

    If you ever have any questions regarding features available on your plan level feel free to take a look at our Plan Comparison Page.


  • Nick Kokologiannakis

    Great article Erin.  I've been looking at third party tools for this, but this helps us keep change management in our Zendesk environment.  I went through and created this in our Zendesk environment....recipe was very easy to follow.  Question though: How does an agent create a new change request ticket?  When the agent tries to create a new ticket, he/she simply sees the regular ticket creation form (for general IT support).  How does an agent specify the ticket type as change request?

  • Nick Kokologiannakis

    Couldn't create a new ticket view because we don't have enterprise, but the new fields are visible in the general ticket form.  Just didn't know where to look.  All good.


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