Workflow recipe: Setting up basic change management (IT example)

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  • Nick Kokologiannakis

    Great article Erin.  I've been looking at third party tools for this, but this helps us keep change management in our Zendesk environment.  I went through and created this in our Zendesk environment....recipe was very easy to follow.  Question though: How does an agent create a new change request ticket?  When the agent tries to create a new ticket, he/she simply sees the regular ticket creation form (for general IT support).  How does an agent specify the ticket type as change request?

  • Nick Kokologiannakis

    Couldn't create a new ticket view because we don't have enterprise, but the new fields are visible in the general ticket form.  Just didn't know where to look.  All good.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Appreciate the follow-up Nick :)

    If you ever have any questions regarding features available on your plan level feel free to take a look at our Plan Comparison Page.


  • Angela Franklin

    If we would like to have 2 approvals.  One by Peer Review and one by CAB Approval how would we set that up?  So after it is approved by a Peer Review it will automatically go to the CAB Approval.  Unless they are emergency then they will be auto approved.

  • Maxime Delclef

    Can you as a Requester still modify a change request after it was approved by the CAB?

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Angela Franklin,

    I would suggest adding 2 additional custom fields - checkboxes. Peer Review and CAB Approval.  Once both of those checkboxes are checked, I'd put a trigger in to flip the Change Request status to Approved.

    Maxime Delclef,

    Any Zendesk ticket can be modified by an Agent unless it is in a Closed state (this is managed in your Automations - Solved to Closed status). If you want to make Approved change request tickets go straight to Closed, you can add an action to your Triggers in this process to update the status to Closed rather than Solved.  Note, this would mean that the ticket is uneditable altogether and cannot be modified so if there is any sort of correction or change in the change request (wow this might be confusing but stick with me), then I would suggest using the Create Followup to create a new ticket which then references the first.

    Also, if either of you are concerned with people changing fields when they shouldn't (hopefully by accident), you can put in a series of triggers to check for that. Like, if the Approval field is changed from Approved to Pending, perhaps automatically have a trigger find that and set it back to approved and post a Private Comment with a message to the user.

    Hope some of this is helpful!

  • There is a free app for Change Management process


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