Google Analytics and your help center - Part 1: Asking the right questions

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  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    I agree Lauren :)

    I'll pass this information along to our documentation team.


  • Lauren He

    I see that in-page analytics is working for the help center site itself. Does the in-page click analysis appear in GA as a separate column? I'm not seeing an In-page tab on the upper side of the dashboard when clicking through Behavior > Site Content > All Pages.

  • Thomas Crowley


    How are people dealing with providing users the ability to opt out of being tracked? I've seen a couple of ideas floated on the internet, but none Zendesk-specific. Are there any handy plugins or anything? 



  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Thomas,

    There may be a way to opt out certain ip addresses if a user prefers not to be tracked. I was able to track down these external articles that may help:

    My knowledge regarding Google Analytics is rather limited but I hope the above helps!

  • Nicky Lilja

    Hi everyone. Is the feature of in-page analytics still active and working properly for everyone? 

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Nicky,

    What issues are you experiencing with in-page analytics? Have you gone through the setup process again to see if that resolves the issue for you?

    Let me know!

  • Nicky Lilja

    Hi Brett, 

    My marketing team thought is was not active. So that is why I asked.  

    But I downloaded the chrome extension now and will try it out. However, came across another question. 

    We have merged our website Property and Help Center. So that we dont miss out on referral statistics etc. This means that when I select the Property it is our website, but our help center domain is included in that Property. 

    So when activating it will I then activate in-page analytics on our company website as well? and can this be a problem? 

  • Dan Kondzela
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Nicky,

    It may be that the Google Support team themselves are better equipped to answer this question but if you have multiple values selected on the Property column to track, then I believe the activity of all selected pages will be reflected there.

    If you want to track just the activity on your own page then you will need to have just the help center URL.

  • Ted Choper

    I'm getting a very unexpected result for Self Service Score, and want to make sure I'm not making a mistake somewhere.

    Dividing users of help center / number of unique requesters in tickets = 13.8 which would be an incredibly high Self Service Score - I'm certain we are not having that much deflection success. What could I be doing wrong? 





    Here's how I set it up:

    Google Analytics indicates that there are a certain number of users of the Help Center for Q2. I've confirmed that GA is only looking at our help center subdomain (the Zendesk/GA tracking code is unique to that domain).

    I created a report in Zendesk to show the total unique requesters in tickets for Q2 using this Metric:

    In the 'How' section of the report, I'm using Quarter / Year (Ticket Created)

    Please let me know 

  • Gentry Geissler
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Ted,

    Thanks for writing in! You should be able to use our standard # Users metric to use in the calculation. Can you try using that to see if the score comes out more believable?

    I hope that helps!

  • Reshma Patel

    How can I track unique views per category...per section...and per article.  Is there a way I can group the results to see the articles view for any one section & category.  For example.  If my help center category is Microsoft, sections are Outlook, Skype, PowerPoint, and then have articles under each of those, How can I track  (1) how many views any section or articles under Microsoft had (2) How many and what articles were viewed under outlook (3) How many and what articles were viewed under skype?

  • Eliel


    I have a problem when a user lands on the FAQ of our website (, it gets a new client_id, therefore, is a new user and session.

    I understand that this is because it's not properly set up but, how can I avoid this?

    Added the correct GA script with the same id and excluded the domain on the referral list...

  • Julie Foster

    In the document you refer to Zendesk Benchmark Report Do you have a more recent version?  The one attached to this document is 2013.

    Many Thanks

  • SATORI株式会社 上野

    I have a question.
    Someone asked the same question about 1 before, but it doesn't help, so I'll ask it again.

    1. Could you please tell me how to find the "total number of unique requesters in the ticket"?
    2. Regarding the status of the requester, please tell me the type of stator and the timing when the status changes.

  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey SATORI株式会社 上野! To find the "Total number of unique requesters in tickets", you can create a query in Explore by using the metric D_COUNT(End-users) filtering with Ticket created - Date (excluding NULL values). 

    As for your second question, what do you mean by "status of the requester"?


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