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    Tony Roma

    That's a good point, Sandra. The "Capture submit request event"/'Submit Request' would be better labeled "Capture initiate request event"/'Initiate Request'. Thanks for the code, Andrew.

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    The majority of the results I am seeing after having added the tracking of search events code are "(not set)." Even the search terms I am checking myself don't populate in the search events but I assume are being added as (not set). How can I make sure all the search terms are being captured?

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    @Nigam - if I'm understanding you correctly, you're asking if Google Analytics can analyze how many times someone clicked on each individual article, which is possible. You shouldn't need any extra set-up. Here's a screenshot of it in Google Analytics to show you where to look:

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    Charles Nadeau

    You are correct, the ga() function no longer takes an array. The syntax in the article has been updated.


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    Claus Tjørndal

    Those examples (still) looks broken. I’m unable to get them to work unless I update and use them as suggested by Dom.

    // Download tracking
    $('.attachments a').on('click', function(e) {
        var $this = $(this),
        path = window.location.pathname;
        attachment = $this.text();
        ga('send', 'event', 'Download', path, attachment);

    Notice the “ga(‘send’...” command. It shouldn’t be an array, as per

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Brittany!

    I see you're getting help with this issue in a ticket. Please feel free to come  back and share your solution when you've got everything sorted out!

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    Andrew Dietrich

    Hi Sandra! This is what I was able to come up with for tracking clicks of the 'Submit' button:

     // Track Submit button clicks
      $('#new_request footer input').on('click',function(e) {
        ga('send', {
      hitType: 'event',
      eventCategory: 'Submit Button',
      eventAction: 'Click',
      eventLabel: 'New Request'

    It isn't perfect - for example, it'll register an event even if the submission isn't successful - but hopefully it can get you started.

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    Steve Morrell

    Is it possible to use the deflection tracking event to track when someone clicks on a suggested article, and also if they went on the submit a request in the same session?

    If one could record that someone was going to submit a ticket, but clicked on a suggestion, and then didn't, that could be taken a near-certain ticket deflection.

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    Hi Emma - 

    Interesting question here! To better troubleshoot this I would likely need to take a look at your Help Center and ensure the scripts for Google Analytics have been configured correctly. I am going to pull this into a ticket and will reach out to you soon!

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    Daniel Yousaf

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your question!  I'm creating a support ticket with you, since exploring this may involve some questions about your account.  I'll be in touch soon!


    Daniel | Customer Advocate - Tier 1 |

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    Nigam Parikh (Edited )

    @Zendesk -,Product Team

    Reg,: Analytics/Tracking Click Results

    How to know how many Clicks done on each Help Center Questions/Articles on same page without creating separate URL for each questions?

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    Hi there, i

    Is it possible to reference the Google Analytics Client Id to find out which HC he is?

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    Andrew Dietrich

    Hi Steve,

    When an end-user is deflected from the article suggestions, they are sent there within the same window. None of our provided GA methods track the overall session of a user, only click events, so creating a 'link' between two different events wouldn't be possible.

    In looking at Google's GA documentation, there's the potential for session cookie tracking which might accommodate what you're looking for:

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    Hi there, 

    I tried copying this code but the events aren't being captured. I really know nothing about javascript -- am I meant to replace any of the code with page-specific information?


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    Sandra Weigl (Edited )

    Hello. Regarding 'Where do customers give up and submit a ticket?', is there a way I can find out in GA how often users actually submit a request? Currently, it seems that as soon as someone clicks on the 'Submit request' button, the action is recorded which makes it difficult to analyse how many people do actually submit a request of the ones who have (perhaps accidently) clicked on the 'Submit request' button.

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