Google Analytics and help center - Part 4: Fine-tuning your help center

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  • Sandra Weigl

    Reg. Filtering agent traffic, it would be good to mention the difficulties filters can cause if not implemented correctly, especially the fact that filters manipulate data permanently.

    Also, a reference to the article on how to use user segmentation would be good as this is another (better?) way to filter out agent activity of the statistics:

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Sandra!

    Thanks for pointing that out, and for sharing the links. I'll see if any edits should be made!

  • Thomas Crowley

    Hi. Related to the agent filter, is there a way to filter out anyone who signed in to the help centre? We have a public-facing section, and a section behind a secure login. We are interested in visits by people who are not logged in (and by assumption don't have an account). Filtering based on IP address isn't practical, as many of our customers have accounts, and it isn't just customer support agents internally who access the site.





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