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    Matt Searle

    Hi Desiree or Joseph (or anyone else listening out there),

    I've just done this, but it's only showing the count of updates done on the last day in that period that the updater was active, if that makes sense. For example, it's showing that I made 2 public comments in this period but I made 2 comments on Friday (the last day in this period that I was active) alone.

    I'm using the default metrics and am completely stumped.

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    Hi Matthew,

    I'm opening a ticket for you to get more information about your issue. See you there!


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    Gadi Vered

    When trying to filter the how, the value cannot be selected for update role only.

    Instead, the value to filter is 'agent role and name' which forces to select exiting values only or "hard code" names.

    Is this a change in functionlity?

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