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    Lexi Forde

    The filter section. What do I click to get those filters? I can't seem to find it.

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    Ricky Davis

    Hey, Alexis!

    You can add a filter from either of the buttons pointed out here:

    The filters can be found in the following areas, respectfully:

    1) Numeric Range 2) List of Values3) Ranking Filter

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    Daniel Petersson

    Hey! Thanks for the tutorial!

    For some reason I do not get satisfaction ratings for all my agents even though I think I should.
    I usually check satisfaction ratings for all our agents on a monthly or weekly basis under "Reports - Insights - Insights - View Only - Agent Activity" and get a satisfaction %.

    In this case I set up the report to check last week as a filter (Date (Ticket Solved) is the last 8 days. And for most agents I get no value on the % satisfaction Score. However when I check under Agent Activity under the same period I get satisfaction scores on everybody.

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Daniel!

    Can you post a screenshot of how you built the report?

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    Daniel Petersson (Edited )

    Of course.

    Picture 1 is the report I built with a filter of one month back - the underlined (red) is the same agent as in picture 2, two different satisfaction ratings though.

    Picture 1:

    Picture 2:

    Edit: I guess the difference somehow is what date-range the satisfaction is calculated by, if I instead change to "Date (Ticket Last Updated)" I get more results.

    Still not the same as under "Insights view only" - Agent activity though. Worth noting is that you more or less always get a satisfaction rating there, even if I choose only today as a value I get a rating for the specific agent. I can't seem to get information regarding what the date-interval is calculated by in the insights dashboard though so I can't replicate it in my own report.

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    Daniel Petersson

    Any ideas of what I might be doing wrong?
    I'm using the following:
    # Ticket Updates
    # Tickets Solved
    % Satisfaction Score

    Month (Event)
    Ticket Assignee 

    1. Ticket Assignee is (41 agents)
    2. Channel is (empty value), mail
    3. Year (Event) is this year

    Updated and solved tickets work but not satisfaction, I get values on some agents but not all I should get (like I get under agent activity during the same time period).

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    Mary Jean Kieffer Morishita

    Hi Daniel!

    Let's take your question into a ticket to allow for some more back and forth. I will be reaching out to you shortly!

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    Melanie Leu (Edited )


    I have a report that should show all the reasons and comments from the satisfaction survey. But I have a problem in filtering out the empty answers as there are tickets where a comment was given but no reason and the other way around. I tried to create a custom metric but failed as tickets that were marked as satisfied never have a value in the reason.

    Here my current setup (where the tickets that had a reason but no comment are not shown):


    Thanks for your help!


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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Melanie!

    I'm going to check with some of our Insights gurus to see if I can find an answer on this for you. Sit tight!

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey Melanie! I just spoke with someone, and before we can answer we'll need a little bit more information.

    Are you trying to see Sat results with a reason and a comment, or only Sats with comments? Or something else? This will help us understand where you're getting stuck.

    Then, how is your attempt falling short? What result are you expecting, and what are you getting instead?

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    Aswin Kannan

    This is my report:

    # Satisfied
    # Unsatisfied
    % Satisfaction Score

    Ticket Assignee
    Ticket Via

    Ticket Assignee isn't (empty value)
    Month/Year (Event) is this month

    I'm noticing that CSAT (% Satisfaction Score) is incorrect for particular people. I don't know what is the logic behind, or what's the best way to calculate this. We cannot cross check all the values as we heavily rely on Insights. Can someone please explain what's wrong?

    CSAT = Good Ratings / Total Ratings

    127/130 is 97.6 = 98%

    3/4 is 75%

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    Sergei Dudko

    Hi Aswin,

    I see that the issue was resolved for you on 23rd and it was about Filter attributes picking on Solved and other ticket status.

    Just wanted to make sure that Date (Event) filter did the job for you as suggested by my colleague.

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