Insights tag reporting: Showing which other tags are present with one specified tag (Professional and Enterprise) Follow



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    Eryk Uriel Juárez Fernández

    Hi, i would like to add a full resolution time in your example, but insights does not permit use the metric when i used the ticket tag like attribute (how).

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    Noa Leshem

    Oh yeah, that's exactly what I needed! Thank you!

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    Brendan Dodgson (Edited )

    My custom metric pictured below is not appearing as an option when I try to set the numeric range filter. Any ideas? 


    This is the metric setup:


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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey Brendan! 

    Your screenshot isn't showing up for some reason...would you be able to edit your comment re-add it? If you could add additional screenshots showing where the metric should be showing up on your list but isn't, that would be helpful, too!

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