Analyzing Help Center knowledge base and community activity (Guide Professional and Enterprise)

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  • Kevin O'Keefe

    Please provide a way to export this data or add it to Insights.

    You are already collecting the data and reporting it, why not give it to us in Insights???

  • Diana Cerame

    Seconding Nicole and Jeff's comments - is there currently any plan to expand Insights (Good Data) to include the ability to report on Knowledge Base or Community activities, like we currently can with ticket data?

  • Natalie Miles

    Is there a way to export knowledge base stats into a CSV or XLS format?

  • Aswin Kannan

    Wow, it's been 3 years and still the Knowledge Base/Guide metrics are not in GoodData!

  • Jimmy Rufo

    Hi Jessie,

    It's been over 3 months since we've heard back on this.  My team just added quite a few articles in the knowledge base,  I have nearly 100 views last month, and I still have no means to determine if this is my team just reviewing what they entered or if a client actually watched these and are taking advantage.  How can we sell our leadership team on exposing clients to the portal if we can't report on how often it is used?  Honestly, I'd take this reporting at the organizational level, if it's easier than showing individual users.  Can you please provide an update and set expectations when we can see an enhancement to the portal in regards to this type of reporting?  Thanks.

  • Jeff Callahan

    Do the number of Views account for both End-User and Agent Views?   

    Per the Jessie's comment from 2-years ago
    "....we're working on getting reporting information into Insights for Help Center"

    Clearly this has not happened as Insights still only has Support/Ticket data.

    We recently received access to Explore, but I do not see a Data Source for Guide

    I am a big fan of ZD for Ticketing.  However the Knowledge Base functionality is Severely lacking and disappointing

  • Jimmy Rufo

    I guess my feedback there is I shouldn't have to wait for the customer to submit a ticket to see what they viewed in the help center.  I should simply have the reporting to see that regardless.  I want to know what issues are being addressed via help center articles before a ticket even comes our way.  This makes me think the enhancement is not to pathfinder, which appears to be a specific use case, but rather to insights or the reporting dashboard/leaderboard for the knowledge base.

  • Jimmy Rufo

    I would figure insight/GoodData would be able to handle that, considering how extensively it goes in other areas.  Also, Pathfinder has already started to go in the direction of tagging users to particular knowledge base views.

  • Jimmy Rufo

    Sure.  I simply want to track which articles my specific clients/organizations are viewing.  Right now, all I have access to is a number count on the article in question and no user information.  I have no visibility into which end user viewed it, nor do I know which organization that view came from.  Even the latter would be helpful to tell me Client A was responsible for most of our page views.  Does that make sense?

  • Stephen

    I wholeheartedly agree with Jeff and Joshua. We're limited in our ability to track the efficacy of articles, due to the poor data. We resort to Google Analytics for this. 

    The "helpfulness" binary vote option would also be exponentially more valuable if users could indicate why an article is not helpful, as Slack has done with their Help Center.

  • Erin Cochran

    Hi there!

    My data analyst buddy and I were comparing the number of KB views in the ZD analytics dashboard to the number of views collected by our Snowplow instance. We have some filters applied in the query we're using (we filter out our company's IP) to calculate this and were surprised our number was higher than what ZD reported. While it wasn't substantially higher, we thought it curious, considering we're using exclusionary filters.

    This got us thinking - exactly how are the knowledge base activity metrics in the ZD analytics dash calculated? I found some articles about analyzing search activity, tickets, and agent stats, but nothing about this. If there's some documentation that I missed, I'd be grateful if you could send it my way.


  • Darren Taylor

    Looking foward to being able to add the knowledge base to Insights, Really need this to make the reports complete!

    I have a question. If we view an article whilst logged in, does this count towards article views? For example if I add or edit an article and then preview it. If so, is there anyway to prevent this? Like blacklist IP or something

  • Mario Guisado

    Wondering how progress is going on this front. 

    Looking to get more metrics for article usage, like has been asked previously, reporting on individual article activity (views are there, but can't be exported), would be nice to see data for article following, linking and sharing.

    Also, not sure if its possible but we have a segmented KB, some articles are available internally, some externally (depending on focus and use case) would be great to get metrics on the different KB sections separately.

    Thanks for the great work so far.

  • Garrett Alley


    I'm looking for a way to view a list of articles that received votes during the specified timeframe. It appears that right now, all we can see is the "Top articles by number of net votes" but I _think_ that's historical and not limited to the time period selected. (for example, I'm selecting the last 24 hours but I'm seeing articles I know haven't received a vote in months)

    Ideas? Thoughts?




  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey guys!

    Sorry for the delayed response on some of these comments. I wanted to connect with the appropriate folks to make sure I was able to give you good information on this.

    I'm in the same boat as y'all, and I definitely feel your pain on the reporting in HC! Luckily our Product Managers do as well, and it's something we plan to address this year. It's too early in the game to be able to give a ballpark on when it might be complete (this stuff can be complicated, after all), but it's definitely on our radar.

    I'd recommend keeping an eye on our Announcements Forum; that's the best way to keep on top of new features as they become available.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Renee Morgan

    When I change the timeframe from last 30 days to 7 day or 24 hours, the total number of views updates but the views on the top articles do not.  When I change to a custom range all metrics seem to update. Is this a bug? 

  • Mike Woodard

    Hi Christian,

    Unfortunately, the Reporting > Knowledge Base solution can't easily show quarter by quarter changes the way Insights can. Will you submit the request as an enhancement? Thanks.

  • Heather Cook

    Hey Keith,

    This is really helpful!

    Just for my sanity, this means if I clicked on article A, then article B and back to article A. That would be 2 views for article A and one view for Article B? Correct?

    Thank you


  • Clement Besson

    Hi Jessie,

    I don't see the Community tab under Reporting.



  • Erin Slovitt

    Hi Nicole, 

    We currently use Guide an an agent-only help centre. In the same way that some users want to track which articles end-users are reading, I want to see the same for agents for coaching and training purposes. 

  • Matthias


    as part of our Privacy Policy, I would like to inform our users about what data is collected for the usage reports mentioned here.

    This topic is not covered in the Complying with GDPR in Zendesk Guide article, and I found nothing else when I searched for "zendesk guide user tracking gdpr".

    Can somebody help me?

  • Mateus Lima

    We want to be able to track articles for Customer Experience matters and also Onboarding.


    There is no way to create a table with:

    - % score by article



  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Heather!

    I'm going to look into this for you; I'm not totally sure what the exact criteria is for this metric. Stand by!

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Darren - 

    That is a good question. Currently, there is no way to filter out internal activity in Insights. We use Google Analytics to do this, as you can filter out an IP and get more accurate page views there, so that would be my suggestion. 

  • Joshua Bentley

    I agree with Jeff on the need for GoodData to provide reporting for Help Center metrics.

    Specifically, I want to be able to see page views for articles that are NOT internal articles. My team uses our Help Center as a repository of all knowledge both for customers and for ourselves. And if Views includes ALL articles in its calculations, the number displayed is inaccurate for us to report on customer engagement.

  • Benjamin Goff

    Hi Erin,

    The views are a reflection of the number of views rather than the number of unique visitors so every click on the article would create one "view" for that article.

    The "Views (total)" tab on your Reporting>Knowledge Base page is for total views for all articles. If you scroll down on that page, you will see a list of your "top articles by number of views."

    Regarding why Snowplow's figures might be higher, that would depend upon how Snowplow counted views. If it's perhaps taking into account each unique URL that the user visited instead of just the articles, that could make it higher. Also each platform may be grabbing information at different times. Zendesk grabs the figures for your Help Center on about an hourly basis. If Snowplow is retrieving that data sooner, then it may have Views that Zendesk hasn't had the opportunity to factor into the reporting just yet.


  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Jimmy!

    Right now it's not possible to pull any metrics out of the Pathfinder app. There's actually a good conversation going on about this in the comments of this article: Installing and using the Pathfinder app. Hopefully there will be some useful information in there for you!

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Fiona,

    Guide data is not yet available within Explore. However, this is something our Explore Product Managers are looking into. I would recommend posting the data you're looking to capture from Guide in the following feedback post: Explore Datasets

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Tod Ewasko


    Where can I see what you're building? Just looking to see if it would solve my reporting problem.

  • Marie Hankinson

    Hi Jessie,

    Is there a link to the feature request posted by Leigh?

    "Would love to be able to see which users are viewing the content. Is that possible? Am I missing something? I am trying to determine which users and/or organizations are most active in the help center."

    I want to start tracking this information on a user or group level. Agent views and end-user views are currently counted as the same, and I can't distinguish between the two.

    Thank you!


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