Allowing Zendesk to send email on behalf of your email domain

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  • Sergei
    Zendesk team member



    That is correct. You cannot add agent's email address as your support address and vice versa. 
    After you will add required address in Email menu, you will see options to confirm forwarding (if applicable) and DNS setup button, as shown on my last screenshot.

    See this article on how to add private support addresses, in case this will come handy.



  • Richard Haycraft

    It works ! :)

    Thanks Sergei

  • Derek Yanoff

    My SPF record will not verify. If I understand this article correctly we should add the following as a value in a TXT record: 

    v=spf1 ?all

    What should the name of that TXT record be? Also, if the name should just be our base domain or "@" but we already have records with those names, what should we do?

    For reference we are using AWS Route 53 to manage our DNS.


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