Creating views to manage ticket workflow

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  • Andrew Chu

    Hi Zendesk team,

    Please help asap with this problem here. I don't seem to find any ways to have the newly created views moved to be displayed on the list of available views. I can only see the new views by clicking "More" to see the list of all views created, which directs me to the Admin section.

    Any way that I can move a newly created view to be displayed in the list shown in "View" section? I tried the "Move to first position" option in Admin page already but nothing's changed

  • Ian Pylvainen

    Hi, we'd like to create a view that shows both tickets hitting SLA soon as well as the ones that have already broken SLA. However, it seems that it's not possible to add conditions for checking "hours until" or "hours since" to the "can meet any of these conditions" section - is that correct or am I missing something here? If so, is there any technical reason for this or can this be added as a feature?


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