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Note: Zendesk is rolling out a new macros management interface and functionality. If you would like to update to the new UI, you can opt in now.

Most Support teams create and use lots of macros. As your list of macros grows, you may find it difficult to quickly locate macros when you’re trying to apply one to a ticket. You can remedy this by organizing your macros into categories. You do this by including the categories in your macro titles and separating them with two colons, as in this example:

The macro title example above indicates that you’re assigning the ticket to yourself and setting the Type property to Question.

After you've categorized your macros, you click through the levels of categorization using the Apply macro menu when creating or updating a ticket.

Zendesk Classic: In Zendesk Classic, macro categorization looks like this:

Reordering the list of macros

You can also reorder your list of macros, which affects what you see in the macros menu. Agents can only reorder their personal macros. Administrators can reorder their personal macros and all shared macros.

To reorder the list of macros
  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Macros.
    Zendesk Classic: Select the Manage menu, then select Macros.
  2. Click Reorder. You’ll find this at the end of the list of active macros.
  3. Click and drag macros to new locations.
  4. Click Done.
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    It would be nice if there were a way to reorder whole categories of macros, instead of moving them one at a time. Also, new macros added to a category should appear in that section, instead of at the bottom of the list. Any chance of these features being added? Thanks!

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    Is there a tool built in to the Zendesk admin dashboard to analyze how many times we used a certain macro (where and when) or do I have to depend on tagging + gooddata?

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    Yes there is a way to do that. It's an Enterprise version feature. Check out this article

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    I wasn't able to access my macros. I cannot edit, add or delete them.


    Thank you!

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    I assume you're an admin in your account? If you're not able to see your macros, please email to open a ticket. One of our agents will help you. 

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    Hi, is there anyway we can multi-edit macros? Like selecting them all and edit/apply automation and triggers?

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    You mentioned in an earlier reply that you can see the amount of time a Macro can be used. I couldn't find this in the property analysis.


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    Gary: There's currently no way to bulk-edit macros! 

    Pete:  Let me check on that. 

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    Hello all, first post I think :)


    Similar request to the bulk-edit of macros, which would be extremely helpful. Can you export/import templates from any file format? 

    At the moment it's looking like I'll have to copy and paste 60 macros into Excel so I can cross reference and update them!



    PS yes I count myself lucky there's only 60!

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    It's currently not possible to export the content of all of your macros. However, if you build your macros using dynamic content, you can export them as a CSV file, make changes if you want, and then reimport them. The purpose of dynamic content is primarily to make it easier to support multiple languages but it should work just fine for this as well. Take a look at this and this 

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    Regarding post below from Karen:

    "It would be nice if there were a way to reorder whole categories of macros, instead of moving them one at a time. Also, new macros added to a category should appear in that section, instead of at the bottom of the list. Any chance of these features being added? Thanks!" from February 2012

    I'm also wondering about this. 

    I did not see a response to this but am having trouble with organizing my macros in the Apply Macro" window.  It seems that there is no way to put each individual group in the order you want, plus I have found the alphabetical sort option unresponsive at times,  It seems to me that the letter "a" should come before "c" and if there is a space it should come before the letter "a", but it does not work in all cases. What am I doing wrong?


    Thanks for your reply.

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    Hey Cynthia: 

    If you head over to the macro management page, you'll be able to reorder everything in the order you want. You can't drag and drop a nested group, but the macros will appear exactly how they're ordered on that page. When you're working with a heaping amount of macros, it's definitely annoying to resort the list when adding new macros. Aside from the default sorting options and the manual rearrange, there are no other sorting functions at the moment. 

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    I updated the organizing your macros doc (removed the part that said the limit was three levels).

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    Is there no limit on macro levels now?

    Also, editing one by one in new ZD is a very awkward.

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    Hi Andrew -

    Thanks for your feedback on editing macros. There may be an ultimate depth limit, but I was able to create a macro 30 levels deep... Hopefully that would suffice?

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    30 levels should be enough :-P  - Scary!  I thought 3 was good and 4 might be useful every now and then!

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    Please vote for my proposal!  Allow your agents to share Macros within their group!

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    it is already possible.

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    Sylvain, I was told just the opposite from your colleagues. 

    "Unfortunately agents can only make macros visible for themselves and not share them, however any admin in your help desk will be able to make this change as they have the rights to do so. Really sorry about that."

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    I'm not from Zendesk.
    In my support page we all have access to macros.

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    Because we are all admins.

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    Hi Sylvain,

    Ah, that makes sense, if you are all admins. But agents cannot create macros and share them with others (they can only make personal macros). So I think Honza wants agents to be able to create and share macro within a specific group.


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    Yes Jennifer, you are absolutely right. 

    Come on Zendesk people, this must to be a question of just setting one user permission, lets make a better world today! 



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    Hey Honza,

    If you are on the Enterprise plan you can set this permission in a custom role. If you go to the tools section and set permissions for 'What can this agent do with macros?' you will be able to allow your agents to set macros for themselves or their group. You can see a screenshot of this option here:


    If you are not on the enterprise plan though, you would need to set your agents to administrators in order to be able to do this. A better workflow, however, would be to make an existing administrator be in charge of asking your agents for useful personal macros and then setting them as a group macro for the whole team.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hello Brandon,

    we are on a PLUS plan. I cant afford to double the cost of the whole helpdesk platform just to have this small feature enabled, that's not reasonable. 

    Most of the time it is is not suitable to give your front-end agents admin permissions for your whole organization. That's just not suitable. 

    We have to carry on using Google Docs to share Macros within the team while searching for something more suitable. 






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    Hello Honza,

    In most cases, I find that although I think our agent share great ideas for macros, I always want to modify them slightly, whether is is the wording, or some other field change.

    I hear where you are coming from, personally I would like every Zendesk feature for the plus plan price :-D

    There are two way to do this, though both are workarounds.

    1. Make an agent only forum, and have you agents copy their macros in as comments, to share and improve ideas.  Then as admin, you create the macros exactly as you want them and share them to the appropriate group/s.  

    2. Get your agents to make their macros, then temporarily boost that agent to admin, assume their login and go thru the macros to find good ones to make available to the group.  After this, revert role and drop the agent back to non-admin.

    You might also want to consider having one admin per group if this is feasible.

    Hope this helps

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    Hello Andrew,

    thank you for for presenting your way of working, I am glad you find your service useful. 

    No, you don't understand my point,  I certainly don't wish to have all features under a different plan they are intend to be. Theses features required development someone had to pay for and some of these features require regular service costs as well. 

    What we are talking about is setting one permission to additional user profile. I wouldn't mind you saying, "Honza, this feature would require us to rewrite half of the code" or "making this feature available in lower then the highest plan would damage our business".

    Instead, you are providing me with "hacking advises" like for some garage startup. None of this is suitable, we provide support in 7 world languages, work with part-timers, externals etc. Giving our beloved helpers the admin permissions to access every single ticket, including internal groups is just not the best option. 


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    Hello Honza,

    I am just a volunteer moderator, not an official Zendesk voice, hence why I couldn't say anything about the technical aspects.

    I wouldn't quite call my suggestions 'hacking advice'; more suggestions for how to make it work.  The issue of upgrading agent macros to global or group macros has come up a fair bit, and these are the easiest ways for an admin to do this 'at this stage'. 

    Custom user roles would allow another way to do this, but this feature is only on Enterprise. 




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    is there a way, to reach the importants macros with a shortcut, or a simple keybard key?

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    Quickest way to get a macro...

    Ctrl-Alt-M... type macro name!

    1-2 seconds would be the most it would take for my most common macros

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