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If you have the correct settings, you can copy (CC) and @mention certain people on tickets. You might do this if you want someone else to be aware of the ticket or provide some feedback about it. You can only add users as a CC on a ticket if they have an account in your instance of Zendesk Support.

Though both of these actions add other people to the ticket, they have some basic differences:

  • The CC list allows you to add both agents and end-users to a ticket, via the agent interface.
  • The @mention feature allows you to add only agents to a ticket, using the rich text editor.

This article includes the following topics:

Adding agents or end-users to a ticket using the CC list

You can CC both agents and end-users, if you have the correct permissions. CC recipients are notified when a ticket update contains a comment. Agents are notified whenever new public and private comments are added to the ticket. End-users are only notified about (and can only see) public comments that have been added.

A CC recipient is not copied if any of the following conditions applies:

  • the CC recipient added the comment
  • the ticket is updated without a comment
  • the CC recipient will get a trigger notification too
  • the CC recipient is listed on the "To" line of the email that generated the comment (or in the case of a new ticket, the email that created the ticket)


You can add up to 20 end-users as CCs on a ticket. Additionally, you can add an unlimited number of agents.
Note: You cannot CC the ticket requester and agents cannot add a blind CC (BCC). Admins can add BCC functionality via the Zendesk Labs ZCC app (see Why can't I BCC).

To add a CC to a ticket

  1. Select a ticket from one of your views.

    The CCs field is displayed in the ticket properties panel.

  2. Begin entering a user's name, email domain, or organization name and the relevant results appear.

    You can quickly add yourself as a CC by clicking cc me above the CCs field.

    If you want to CC a user that doesn't have an account, you can add them by clicking +Add user at the bottom of the search results.

  3. Select the user. The changes you make to ticket properties are saved immediately.

To remove a CC from a ticket

  • Click the delete button (X) in the person's name box in the CC list.


Adding an agent to a ticket using @mention

Agents and admins using the rich text editor can easily add other agents to the ticket's CC list with the @mention comment feature. If you are not using the rich text editor, have your admin enable it for you. See Enabling formatting options for agents for more information.

To add an agent with the @mention feature

  1. Begin writing a comment (either Public reply or Internal note).
  2. In the body of the comment, type "@" followed by the beginning of the agent's name. For instance, if you want to include agent Jane Doe, type "@Jan".
  3. Select the agent you want to add from the autocomplete menu.

  4. Finish composing your message, and click Submit.

The agent mentioned is automatically CC'd on the ticket, and will receive all normal CC email notifications for that ticket. If they are logged in, the added agent sees a notification in the upper-right corner of the Zendesk Support interface informing them that they were mentioned on the ticket. This notification disappears after one minute.

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    Hi Nathan


    The agent who was mentioned get's CC'd on the ticket. 

    Edited by Zach
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    Hello Zach,

    There are a few things to consider here.

    • An end user can add CCs - but cannot remove them
    • The only option available is CC - there is no option for BCC - so users should expect others to see the message
    • End users can only ever make public comments
    • An agent can open the an email message with #note to avoid CCs being sent to end users
    • You may want to add a dynamic message to your user update  triggers notifying people of who will be CCed on the request.  There is a tutorial for that somewhere - we've done it to our agent updates.
    • You could add a note like - 'If you need to email me privately about this, please email ...' etc. 

    The simplest way to manage this is to build the client's understanding of what happens when there is a CC.  

    Let me know if this helps.


  • 0

    Thanks Zach,

    I'm trying to find some way to make these @mentions more obvious then sending agents looking for email notifications. I'd much prefer to have them staying within Zendesk.

    I haven't found a way to make a view out of this, but I'm open to suggestions.

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    Hey Daniel - 

    It looks like you already have a ticket open with our support team; they should be able to get this resolved for you, but let us know if you need anything else!

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    Thanks AndrewJ!

    That makes sense to me, and I agree. Does this sound like something that would be modified in the future?

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    Hello Zach,

    I am not aware of any plans to change this, but of course I am just a client like you.

    Personally I think changing this would not be likely.  There will always be some functionality that is not 'exactly' what suits every situation, but the core function of CCs is very widely used and I would suspect any major changes would cause excessive grief for others.

    There a a number of mods that can be done to alleviate specific issues - removing all CCs at a given point by trigger or automation, and as mentioned - displaying CCs.  Removing or adding agent CCs.

    For a limited number of CC recipients (ie, know regular users/agents/staff) you can create custom notifications using targets.

    A lot of advanced functionality is possible using the more codey functions - though a true BCC isnt an option that I've found yet :)

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    I've noticed a little problem on my account, maybe someone has the answer: 

    When I ad a public reply with a CC, the 'adres' in te CC is getting an email when I:

    - Submit it as a new ticket,
    - Submit it as an open ticket,
    - Submit it as a Pending ticket 

    But not when i submit is as solved....

    After 7 days my my tickets are closed automatically... Now i hear from my 'CC-er, that he receipted the mail not when CC-t hem in on the moment that I solved the ticket, but at the moment that Zendesk automatically closed it after these 7 days...

    I also want that the adres in de CC receipt an update directly after solving the ticket with the public text.... How to....



    Edited by Erik Pannekoek
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    Yes, I'd like to know more about @mentions also. Thanks.

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    When a CC replies directly to the ticket, I am noticing that every CC gets that message as well because the ticket was updated with a public comment. 

    I don't see a way to eliminate that though. This could be an issue in times when one Requester doesn't want the other to know what they are saying to the Agent.

    It appears to be because of the default CC notification. Is there any way to manage this?


    Edited by Zach
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    Thanks Andrew


    That make sense to me! The system is working as designed from the looks of it. Still it would be nice to distinguish between requesters and CC's with a placeholder or something.

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    Hey Nathan!

    There are a couple different notification apps in our app marketplace that might help here.

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    @David - CCs only work for private comments if the CCed email belongs to an agent.

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    Possible Bug.  Currently, if the CC email is the only person getting the notification, the email is failing because the ZD mailing code is generating the email headers with the "To" recipient as blank, only adding the "Cc" recipient.  When the CC recipient is the only person getting the email notification, they should be set as the primary "To" recipient.  Does that make sense?

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    We have customers who request to be CCed on any ticket opened by anyone in their Organization. Many other Zendesk customers have requested this ability here. If I'm reading this right, the reason it hasn't been done is that you can't figure out a user interface that works? Because right now the list of users in a drop down box and a drop down box with a list of all customer users would be too huge? Why not just use a different interface? instead of a drop box make it possible to just enter an email address. If the email address matches an existing user,  then you're done, if it doesn't, then create a user for that email address and use that. You could probably even make it work better than that, but if not, at least this would work.

    Using the targets is not an acceptable workaround. These people don't just want to be notified that the ticket exists. They want to be added as a CC so they become part of the conversation. Replies should not create new tickets.


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    Hi Erik! This actually sounds like unexpected behavior, so I'd like to take this into a ticket to troubleshoot with you. Meet you there!

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    When an agent @mentions another agent on a internal note, where do they get notified? It doesn't appear to show up under the 'updates to your tickets'. Is there any way to add these notifications to the dashboard?

  • 0

    Are CCs supposed to work for internal comments as well?  It does not for me.  

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