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  • Doug Woolley

    Hi, I would really really like to be able to collapse the Dashboard/Getting started bar on the home page of the agent dashboard.  Is this possible?


  • Erika Camille Sundian
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Doug Woolley,

    Welcome to the Zendesk online Community!

    The Getting Started tab is not possible to collapse or remove at this time. Once the account has transitioned to a paid-account, it will default to the objectively more useful Dashboard. The tab itself does remain throughout the duration of the account to offer suggestions on Zendesk features - most paid-account users simply ignore this tab once it no longer defaults to it.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions or feedback. I would be happy to continue assisting you!

  • Doug Woolley

    Thank you Erika Camille Sundian,


    I don't use the getting started tab so yes, that make sense.  Ignoring the tab doesn't do me any good however as I'm still unable to use the useful Home/Dashboard page without having this panel take up a third of my screen.

    Your Views page does this swimmingly btw.


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