Managing tickets in bulk

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  • Brett - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for the update Dragan!

    I'm going to bring this into a ticket so our Customer Advocacy team can dig into this further.

    You'll receive an email shortly stating your ticket has been created.


  • Sam

    I've run into an issue with this feature.

    For some reason, bulk updates are being done through the API, and showing up as "By Web Service" in events when an agent performs bulk updates instead of showing the web client.

    This is causing problems for me. A few of my triggers are set to "Update via > Is not > Web service (API)", as these triggers perform API actions via JSON HTTP Targets. To prevent looping conditions, these need to not trigger if actions are performed via API.

    How can I get around this? I want agents to be able to bulk update their tickets and have these triggers fire.

  • Matt McLean
    Community Moderator


    Do all of your JSON HTTP Targets use the same user account to perform their actions, and is that account never used for any other functions?
    If so, you could possibly put in a different "ALL" condition instead of "Update via > Is not > Web service (API)":

    Current user > Is not > (name of service account that is doing the Target magic)

    This condition would hopefully allow your targets to fire when other bulk actions are performed by actual agents, but not fire when the targets themselves are running.
    Another potential way to prevent loops, which you may already be doing, would be to add a tag when the trigger runs, and NOT run the trigger if that tag already exists on a ticket.

    All this being said, Zendesk recommends against using URL/HTTP targets to update tickets in Zendesk Support itself: see the note under URL at

  • Antonina Vodovitska


    How we can manage which fields we want to see when we use bulk updating tickets?

    For example we have 5 required fields, but within bulk update we see all active fields and it is not comfortable to search every time exact that 5 which we need.

  • Montana

    hi @Antonina Vodovitska this does not directly address your question, and i'd love to see if another person from the community does have a direct solution to that issue! however, our workaround for this is to create a macro that works for instances when we bulk-solve tickets. the macro is set to fill in all of our required fields with the correct field selection (and you can make different macros for different ticket field selections if needed), and then just apply the macro when you go to bulk solve. 


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