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You can create an article in your Web portal from an existing ticket. For example, if you put detailed information in a ticket comment, you can easily create an article with that information on your Web portal. The new article will be pre-populated with details from the ticket and ready for you to edit before posting.

Tickets don't support posting to the Help Center yet.

Zendesk Classic: You can turn an article in your Web portal into a ticket if you need to. For more information, see Creating a ticket from a Web portal article .
To post a ticket as an article on your Web portal
  1. Open the ticket that you want to make an article.
    Zendesk Classic: If you opened a ticket that is New , Open , Pending , or Solved (not Closed ), click Submit in the ticket. You do not have to make any changes before submitting.
  2. Click Ticket options in the bottom toolbar, then select Copy to forum .

    Note: This option is not available if you started using Zendesk on or after August 21, 2013, or if you activated the Help Center.
    Zendesk Classic: If you opened a Closed ticket, click Post to forum at the bottom. If you opened a ticket that was New , Open , Pending , or Solved , click Post as forum topic at the top.
    A new Web portal article opens, pre-populated with details from the ticket. The body text includes a link to the original ticket and all comments from the ticket.
  3. Make any edits to the article you'd like.

    The body text includes all comments from the original ticket, so you'll probably want to clean it up to make it an article.

  4. Click Add .

    The new article is added to your Web portal.

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    I am in the Beta/Lotus view and I don't see the option to submit any ticket to the forums? Here is what I see...thanks for your help!

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    Hi Patrick,

    I'm sorry but I can't see your screenshot right now (there's a problem with the plug-in I need), but there are two important things here--maybe this will help.

    • This option is not currently available in Lotus, so if you are in Lotus, click the Manage icon on the left side, then select Views to open a ticket. This basically puts you in the Classic admin UI (in a Lotus wrapper).
    • Make sure you click Submit to update the ticket (even if you don't make any changes), then you should see the option you need at the top. (If you opened a Closed ticket, you don't need to click Submit--the Post to forum option is at the bottom.)

    Hope that works! Let me know.

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    Is there a way to make private comments show up in the body text?

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    Hi Thomas,

    No, sorry, there's no setting for including private comments when you convert a ticket to a forum post. As a workaround, you can copy the private comments and manually add them to the forum post after you create it.

    Hope that helps!

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    Is there any indication on the ticket that it was converted to a forum post?  I'm wondering how to avoid duplicate posts.

    Thank you --


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    Hi Joellen,

    The ticket itself does indicate at the top that it was converted from a forum post and there's a link to the post. There's no indication in the post itself.

    Hope that helps!


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    Hello Jennifer,

    When copying a ticket to a forum, is there a way to copy attachments also?




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    Hi Antonio,

    No, sorry, when you create a forum topic from a ticket you have to manually add any attachments to the topic. They are not automatically copied from the ticket.

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    How about converting a ticket to a post in an existing forum topic?


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    Is there a way to use triggers, automations, or macros to "push the button" and convert a ticket to a forum post?


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    Hi John and Levi - 

    Unfortunately, we don't currently provide the ability to copy a ticket to a comment in an existing forum topic, or to automate the process of copying a ticket to the forums.

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    I am guessing that this is local only, so doing this for a topic that is, for example, shared with Jira, will not have the forum post receive Jira responses and vice versa. 

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    We have a lot of feature requests that come in via email, so they end up as support tickets. It would be great to be able to easily convert those into forum posts or comments on other forum posts so that we can direct the conversation around features to the discussion forum.  

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    Hey John,

    Does the copy to Forum feature explained in this article not work for you with your feature request tickets? Although you cannot post a ticket to an existing article as a comment, you definitely could create a new article in the feature request forum using this feature. If you give me your specific workflow and how this feature is not compatible with it I might be able to offer a workaround.

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    Hi There


    When is the Copy Ticket to Forum functionality going to be available with Help Center? This is a key requirement for us.




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    Hi Amado,


    While we don't have a firm date for the launch of new Help Center features, you can subscribe to our Announcements Forum for updates!

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    Any plans on adding the ability to bring attachments in when "copying to forum".  This would save so much time.


    Thank you,

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    I know we have plans to allow tickets to be turned into forums articles for Help Center (see this list), though I don't know about attachments. It might be more complex than it seems due to emoji and Markdown in tickets and HTML in articles, but I can see why it would be useful, we'll have to see!

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    Hi, any news on the possibility to add a ticket in the Help Center ?

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    No, nothing yet for converting a ticket to an article in Help Center - still planned but no timeframe. 

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    When will add a ticket in the Help Center be available?


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    Hi Stefan, 

    While it's not officially available in-product for Help Center, you can use this unofficial app, created by one of our awesome team members, to turn ticket comments into forum posts. To use the app, you'll also need to be signed up for the Help Center API beta

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    We need to have the ability to inherently copy tickets to the forum like in the Web Portal Classic.  Any word on this Zendesk?

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    Hi Brian, 

    This is something that's planned for the new Zendesk/Help Center setup, you can see that it's on the Planned Features list. There isn't a timeline yet for when it will be out but the Product team does have plans to address the need. 

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    This would be great to have in. Used to use it a *lot* with Zendesk Classic.

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    Hi Matthew, 

    This isn't quite as easy as being built-in but there is an app than can do this for you if you're using Help Center and new Zendesk. 

    If you go to Admin (gear icon) > Apps > Marketplace > Zendesk Labs you'll see a "Ticket to Help Center" app that will help you publish content from the ticket to your Help Center. The articles are created with HTML rather than with a rich text editor, however, agents can always go to the article in Help Center and edit with the editor there, especially if they save it as a draft. Keep in mind that this is a Zendesk Lab's app so we don't officially support it but I know it's helped a number of customers in the last few months.

    Hope this helps!


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    This is quite a good implementation. I would however like this and many other current marketplace apps (linked tickets etc.) to be actually presented in the ticket options menu (in the top right corner of the ticket.

    Getting all the necessary features into Zendesk now requires installing quite a few apps which makes the apps side bar very long and hard to use.

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    Thanks Laura D. This app is exactly what I was looking for. I understand that it's a Labs feature right now, but is there a forum where we can ask questions about it or post suggestions? The one feature I'm really missing from the old web-portal function is converting a ticket in to a Q&A forum post with the requester listed as the question poster.

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    Hi Lauri!

    Keeping your App panel neat and tidy is definitely a challenge, especially when you're using a lot of them.

    We have a couple different functions in place to help with this. In the settings for most apps you can set Role Restrictions, which means that you can set it up so an app is only visible to people who are actually going to use it.

    You also have the ability to change the order in which your apps appear in your App panel. You can move everything around in such a way that the most-used apps appear at the top of the list, and the ones that are used less frequently live toward the bottom, or even put them in alphabetical order. This will make it easier for your agents to find the stuff they use the most.

    You can access all of this by going to Screenshot > Apps > Manage. This will bring up a list of all the apps in your Zendesk. You can add Role Restrictions by clicking the gear icon for each apps and going to Change Settings.

    In the list that displays, you'll notice that you can't re-order the apps...this is because the default list shows ALL of your apps, regardless of where they appear in your Zendesk (inside tickets, in the tool bar on the left, etc). At the top of the list you'll see a drop-down menu:


    Click that drop down, and select what section you want to work on. Once you've done that, you'll be able to drag and drop the apps into whatever order you like!

    These solutions don't necessarily address the issue of needing to install lots of apps, but it will hopefully make it easier for you and your agents to manage and work with the ones you need. :)

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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    Hey Nicholas! Sorry for the delayed response!

    We have a Product Feedback Forum for our users to make suggestions and give feedback on Zendesk functionality.

    I did some poking around and I did find a post suggesting the same functionality that you are, outside of the app that's currently available. You can find that here: Creating an Help Center Article from a ticket.

    I'd encourage you to add your vote to that post, and put your detailed use case in the comments. This will really help our Product Managers understand what you're looking for, and why the app isn't meeting your needs.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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