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  • Au Finh Saechao

    You can now use Auto Merge to automatically merge duplicate tickets based on matching fields. It's also possible to merge your entire backlog.

  • Alejandra Carcamo


    Is there a way to stop users from merging if the tickets are from different channels?

  • JJ
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hello Alejandra,

    Unfortunately, we cannot restrict if tickets are coming from two different channels.

    We can only restrict the merging capability for specific agents roles, as outlined in the article.

    Hope that helps!

  • Nikki Goodson

    I believe I already know the answer, but I will ask anyway!

    Let's say I merge Ticket 1 into Ticket 2.

    Ticket 1 becomes closed.

    Customer has emails from both Ticket 1 & Ticket 2 in their sent folder. If they reply again to their original Ticket 1 email, then does it become a follow-up ticket as usual? Or does ZD recognize that the ticket has been merged, and instead put the new message into Ticket 2? 

  • Audrey Ann Cipriano

    Hey Nikki! I've done some testing and can confirm that the replies made from a closed from merged ticket will be updated into the open ticket (Ticket 2) :)

  • Nikki Goodson

    Audrey Ann Cipriano

    That's fantastic, and not the answer I expected, but definitely what I hoped!

    Thanks for testing. 

  • Audrey Ann Cipriano

    Nikki Goodson You're welcome! We're happy to help :)


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