Creating a ticket on behalf of the requester

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  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Blake!

    You can totally do that with a Trigger. Just make sure that you've adjusted the conditions on both Triggers so that they don't both fire on new tickets.

  • TimothyMichaelKelly

    I'd like a different email subject for tickets that I have created on behalf of someone else.

    Currently when I created a new ticket for someone else the Subject of the email that goes out is from the "Notify requester of received request" Trigger, "[Request received] {{ticket.title}}"

    Is there a way to remove  "REQUEST RECEIVED " in subject line? Thanks, Timothy


  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Timothy!

    You can set this workflow up using triggers, as long as you're on the Team plan or above.

    "Notify requester of received request" is a default trigger, but you can alter it to include a condition: Current user > Is not > Agent. This will make it so the trigger will only fire when the person submitted the ticket is an end-user.

    Then you can clone that trigger and chance that new condition to Current user > is > Agent. Change the text of the email to whatever you would like it to say, for that scenario, and you'll be all set!

  • Noel S.


    Is there any way to see tickets I've created and sent after the fact? When you send a new ticket, it instantly disappears.

    Because we have to communicate back & forth on a daily basis with another help center using Freshdesk, this presents some challenges, as the two platforms aren't always compatible. Often we find our first attempt to send a ticket didn't go through, so we have to write the entire thing out a second time and try again. 

    If I could find my sent tickets somewhere and simply add another reply to get that ticket sent again, it would be very beneficial! 


  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Noel -

    To see tickets on which you are the requestor, go to your profile in Support, and then select "requested tickets" - this will show you all of the tickets that you have created, so long as the requestor has not been changed. 

  • Ola Eriksson Bjärle


    When I create new ticket on behalf on someone else, the requester do not get any email with my response. It doesn't matter if I send as a new or open ticket. If, on the other hand, I send an update on the same ticket that I just created, the requester get the message immediately including the first part of the ticket. What am I doing wrong?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Ola,

    You'll want to check the ticket events of your ticket you created which should show whether or not your Notify requester trigger has fired.

    I would also confirm that you're default triggers are still enabled, particularly the Notify requester triggers. You can find a list of your triggers by navigating to Admin>Business Rules>Triggers

    Let us know if you continue to experience issues on your end!


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