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If you have enabled ticket sharing, you can share tickets with other Zendesk Support accounts. This allows you to collaborate with other support teams to solve your customer's support requests. For example, imagine that you sell a product that is produced by a different company. If you both use Zendesk Support, you can share a ticket to that other company who can then help to resolve the support issue.

For a detailed explanation of how ticket sharing works, see Sharing tickets with other Zendesk accounts. Setting up ticket sharing is done by an administrator. As an agent you can share tickets with other accounts.

To share a ticket
  1. Open the ticket that you want to share.
  2. In the ticket properties panel, click Share ticket with and then make a selection from the list.

  3. Update the ticket by clicking Submit.

When the ticket has been shared, it is indicated in the ticket below the ticket title as shown here:

Outbound indicates that you shared the ticket to another account. If the ticket had been share to your account, it would be marked as an inbound ticket.

Depending on the permissions defined in the sharing agreement, the ticket status and comments may remain synced. The ticket's events and notifications indicate when a ticket update occurred due to ticket sharing.

Unsharing tickets

You can unshare a ticket that you've shared. Doing so means that the previously shared ticket will become an 'orphan' in the receiver's account. In other words, unsharing doesn't automatically remove the ticket from the receiver's account. Rather, the receiving account needs to manage the orphaned ticket out of their queue using their own business rules.

To unshare a ticket

  1. Open the ticket that you want to unshare.
  2. In the ticket properties panel, click Share ticket with and then select Unshare.

  3. Update the ticket by clicking Submit.
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    Can you please add the share capability to your mobile apps also?

    As it is only possible to create triggers to handle sharing on the Enterprise plan; there is no way to share tickets unless you're on the desktop web - which kind-of breaks the multi-channel support model

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    Can you please add the option to share multiple tickets at one time? We have a huge number of tickets to share and doing this one by one is a little annoying.

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    Hi Oswaldo, 

    It's not possible to manually select ticket sharing via the bulk update feature. If you're on the Enterprise Plan, you could tag all the tickets in question, then build a trigger that shares them based on the presence of that tag. If you don't want to continue sharing on a regular basis after that, just deactivate the trigger. 

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    Hi,  How can I set this as a trigger to share when there is a certain condition met?  i.e  if I set a certain group ownership in a ticket I want the ticket to share itself with another (companys) ZD instance, that we have already previously set up sharing between.  Sharing seems to be the only way they get our tickets as we both use Zendesk and our requests were disappearing.

    thanks Jacinta

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    @Jacinta, Automated ticket sharing is only available on the Enterprise plan.

    First set up the sharing agreement between the two Zendesks. And then, in the trigger, there is an action 'Ticket: Share Ticket Share' and a dropdown to select the destination Zendesk.

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    I get why totally automated sharing is only available in Enterprise (even if it makes me a little sad) but please tell me there is a way I can at least get a macro to do this without Enterprise....

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    Hi Richard!

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's not possible to automatically share a ticket via Macro; the process will need to be manual.

    If the issue is that you're concerned your agents will forget to share a ticket, you could add a reminder about it to the ticket comment text. We do this type of thing a lot here at Zendesk, usually in a private comment along with instructions to remove the reminder and make the comment public before submitting the update.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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    Actually Jessie...we do it via combo of Macro and Trigger.

    • macro sets a tag called "stage"...i.e. that's the holding tank for sharing.
    • trigger performs the Sharing when it sees the tag "stage"

    because we don't want to abandon the ticket, we don't unshare, so we don't remove the tag, but there's probably tag / trigger cleanup needed after that.

    but...we get it there!!


    (you can grab this link and embed it - I can't add images on this page:

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    Hey Diane! Great tip!

    I tried to get your image embedded, but it looks broken. :(

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    Is there a way enable the shared party of seeing your internal notes when sharing tickets?

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    once the ticket is shared, the shared party can see everything that happens until they close the ticket on their end.

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    how can i get the available options of ticket sharing because I need to hide the other option depends on what the user choose from a different drop down.

    thank you

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    Hi Alaine!

    I'm not sure I understand your question. Do you want to restrict your sharing agreements so your agents can only specific ones?

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    Hi Jessie, something like that. I have two drop down, the other one is to choose what specific ticket to share with the agents so that i have some restriction of my ticket sharing.

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    Alaine, sounds like you want to make the Sharing field in the agent interface an conditional field. Correct?
    Assuming so there are two apps in the marketplace for Conditional fields however I am not sure whether either can work with the ticket sharing field. I would be surprised if the CloudSet one couldn't but I do not have ticket sharing so I could not validate this. It may be worth installing the free Zendesk Conditional fields app and see if it can apply the filter you need.

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    Hi Colin, yes. The other drop down has an options wherein, if the user choose an option from the dropdown1, whatever options dropdown2 has will automatically hide the other options, only the ooption chosen by the user from dropdown1 can be visible in dropdown2. how am I suppose to do that? I'm using zat for this. Thank you.

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    @Alaine, so you are using your won app to control this?

    I actually went back and re-read your original post and realised that I made a mistake.What you are looking for is more akin to the Cloudset Dependant Values app rather than Conditional fields.

    If you are writing your own app then I cannot help - I am not knowledgeable enough to tell you how to filter values in the dropdown although i know it can be done. If you just want an app that can do this for you, you may want to contact Coherence Design ( and ask them if their existing app can filter the Shared field.

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    Thank you for you help Colin.

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