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Every user has a profile that contains essential information such the contact email address, alternate identities, the user's organization, and so on. This includes the3 support staff (administrators and agents) and the people you support (your end-users).

Updating your own user profile

You can easily update your own user profile by opening your user profile from the menu beside your user profile icon.

To change your own user profile
  1. Click your profile icon in the upper-right corner of the page header, then select View profile page.

    If you want to update another user's profile, search for the user and open that user's profile instead of your own.

  2. Enter or update information in your profile as needed.

    Refer to the table below for descriptions of the user profile properties.

    Your profile is automatically saved as you enter information. When you finish, you can navigate away.

The following table describes the profile information that can be set for administrators and agents.

Note: On Essential, administrator and agent profiles do not include all of the options described in the following table.
Profile data Description
Name Your real name. If you don't define an alias (see below), the name is used on all communications with end-users.

To change your name, see Updating your name in your user profile.

Role Defines a user's function and access level. There are three user types: End-user, Agent, Administrator. Only administrators can change a user's role. For more information, see Understanding Zendesk user roles in the Administrator Guide.
Groups A collection of agents created by an administrator. Agents must be assigned to at least one group by an administrator, but they can be assigned to more than one. Administrators can add and edit groups, agents cannot. For more information, see About organizations and groups in the Administrator Guide.
Alias Alternative name to use on all communications with end-users instead of your real name. Leave this field blank if you want to use your real name on your communications.

This option is available for Professional and Enterprise accounts only. For more information, see Adding an agent alias in the Administrator Guide.

Signature Closing line added to your email notifications when you make public ticket comments.
Email Email addresses associated with your profile. The first email address is your primary email address and the only address that receives email notifications. You can add more email addresses to your profile by clicking Add contact.

Note that to change your primary email address, you must first add and verify the new email address you want to make primary, then remove the old primary address.

Agent forwarding Office phone or mobile phone you'd like to forward voice calls to instead of answering calls via the browser. You can test the number you enter to make sure calls forward properly.
Contacts Other contact information including your Twitter handle, Facebook page, and Google account. You can also add secondary email addresses.
Tags Any tags you want automatically added to new tickets you create. Separate tags with a space. Tags are added to new tickets only, not updated tickets. This is an optional feature and you may not have enabled user tagging. For more information about user tags, see Adding tags to users and organizations in the Administrator Guide.
Org. A collection of users (both end-users and agents) created by an administrator. Agents can be a member of only one organization. If your uses organizations, both administrators and agents can add or edit their organization. For more information, see About organizations and groups in the Administrator Guide.
Language Language you'd like to view Zendesk Support in. This setting only affects you.
Time zone Local time zone; used to time stamp tickets. This setting only affects you.
Details Additional details you'd like to add to your profile. Address, for example. Details are visible to other agents but not end-users.
Notes Additional notes you'd like to add to your profile. This information is visible to other agents but not end-users.

Updating your name in your user profile

You can change your name at any time.

To update your name in your own user profile

  1. Click your profile icon in the upper-right corner of the page header, then select View profile page.

    If you want to update another user's name, search for the user and open that user's profile instead of your own.

  2. Click your name on the profile page.

    Your name becomes editable.

  3. Enter a new name.

    Your profile is automatically saved as you enter information. When you finish, you can navigate away.

Adding a photo to your user profile

You can add a photo to your profile and it will appear in your tickets and forum posts. At any time you can change or remove your photo.

Depending on your role, you can also add photos to other users' profiles.

To add a photo to your profile
  1. Click your profile icon in the upper-right corner of the page header, then select View profile page.

    If you want to add a photo to another user's profile, search for the user and open that user's profile instead of your own.

  2. Click the profile icon in the profile, then select Upload a new photo.

  3. Select an image.

    Use an image with a 1:1 aspect ratio that is no smaller than 80x80 pixels. The image will be scaled to fit.

    The image appears in your profile.

To change or remove a photo in your profile
  1. Click your profile icon in the upper-right corner of the page header, then select View profile page.

    If you want to change or remove a photo in another user's profile, search for the user and open that user's profile instead of your own.

  2. Click the profile icon in the profile, then select Upload a new photo or Remove.
  3. If you are uploading a new photo, select the photo.
  4. Refresh the page, if necessary, to see the update.

Changing your password

You can easily change your password in your user profile.

An email confirmation is sent when an end-user password is changed via:
  • Agent interface
  • Password reset link
  • API

To change your password

  1. In your user profile, open the Security Settings tab.

  2. Click Change in the Password section.
  3. Enter in your Current password, then enter your New password twice.
    Note: The new password must match or else your password will not be saved.
  4. Click Change password.

    Your password is updated. You will receive an email from Zendesk Support notifying you that your password has changed.

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  • 0

    Hi, what are the optimal dimensions for the portrait photo?


  • 0

    I've aways used 80x80! 

  • 0

    Hi, while setting up the test desk I've set the email to our really primary support email which we want to use to send the email's to our customers.  Now I've found that this would be the primary email of my zendesk user which cannot be changed.  And now it doesn't allow me to setup the email settings for the desk.  What should I do?

  • 0

    Hello Sergey,

    You should put the email that you want your end users to see under Channels > Email in the 'Default reply address' field. This is the email address that your users will see as your response as being sent from and the address that they are prompted to reply to. If you accidentally entered this email as your profile's primary email address, you will need to change the address on your profile page by clicking add contact on the left side of the screen and entering a new email address that you want to receive agent notifications on. Once you verify the email address you will be able to make it your primary address and be able to remove the previous address. That address will now be freed up for you to set it as the default for your account.

  • 0

    @Christine - Please see attached screenshot. You may want to verify your permissions in Zendesk. Are you an admin? You might also want to try a different browser; I have had some issues with modifying profile photos in Firefox in the past. If these things don't solve it; I would escalate to Support.

  • 0

    PLEASE help me figure out where the system is pulling my picture from. I'm so frustrated. I went to delete my photo yesterday and it did delete the original photo but then pulled a random (NOT flattering) photo from somewhere else out in cyberland. I do not have any external accounts connected and I am using my work email address only. I went back in and replaced the photo with a different one and it did change it on SOME of my past posts and tickets but it is still showing on one ticket in particular. I don't know how it pulled that picture because it's not on this computer and I don't have any accounts connected. I've tried different browsers (Chrome, Firefox). I've cleared histories and cookies and caches. I'm baffled, and frustrated. I don't understand why it changed the photo on some posts and not others, but I suspect it may have something to do with the status of that ticket. 

    Any ideas out there that I haven't already tried??? I've also gone into my profiles on other sites to make sure that photo is not a profile pic on another account, and I've even deleted that picture from my other accounts. 

    Ugh..........I will keep trying but I hope that someone has a clear and correct fix for this. 

  • 0

    Hi Mary, 

    I figured out what's happening. We pull information from the site gravatar.com - they let you create a profile (with a picture) that can be accessed by many other systems, mostly public forums. It means you can create one profile instead of individual ones on many sites. I'd head to their site (http://en.gravatar.com), sign in and delete the picture. 

    The inconsistencies of where you're seeing the photo are probably related to where you're using the address that is attached to the Gravatar profile and which other systems (like Zendesk) use it (or not). Sorry for the confusion, I hope this helps!

  • 0


    How do you change the owner role to another user?  Our manager is leaving the company, but her role is listed as owner and I cannot find a way to change it.


  • 0

    Hi Will,

    Please see this doc on Changing the account owner.

    Hope that helps! 

  • 0

    Each time one of my agents is assigned a ticket, solves or makes an update to a ticket they receive an email. How can I turn off the alerts?

  • 0

    Hi Lori, 

    These emails can be discontinued by editing your Triggers. In case you're unfamiliar with this term, Triggers are business rules that perform an action in your account (very often sending an email notification) based on conditions that must be met. We provide you with a set of triggers designed to notify your Agents and End-users of events in the ticket life cycle. You also have the ability to build your own. 

    Since you're using Classic Zendesk, you can find your Triggers at Manage > Triggers & Mail Notifications. You'll see an 'edit' link next to each one, which you can click to make changes. If you'd prefer to deactivate a trigger all together, hover over the 'edit' link (without clicking it) and you should see a new 'deactivate' link appear.  


  • 0

    Hi Patricia, 

    Anything that's square should be okay (Zendesk shrank my photo which was square to begin with). I've seen other people mention that 80px x 80px works well too. 

  • 0

    Hi, I couldn't find a topic to vote on to change this, but I wasted quite a bit of time (and one of your support folks time) trying to see how to edit my own email in your Zendesk instance. It didn't make sense as everything else was editable. I imagine it's also an annoyance to our customers visiting our Zendesk instance.

    Though I'm sure you have higher priorities, all the little irritations and time-wasters add up.

    Thanks... Jo

  • 1

    Hi Joanne!

    Thanks for the feedback! I was able to find a post on this in our Product Feedback forum for you: Be able to edit the phone nr or email address in the user profile. Please feel free to add your vote and use case in the comments!

  • 0

    Hey, I want to change my password but looks like the way you described in this article no longer applies, since I can't see any options to "change password" on the dropdown menu described above. Can you please advise how to change a owner account password? Thanks.

  • 1

    Hi Fernanda!

    The Change password option doesn't appear in the drop down next to your avatar; it shows up in the drop down to the right of your name:

    Hopefully that clears things up for you!

  • 0

    How can I update my password if managed by third party system I use to sign in? I need my password for salesforce and Olark chat integrations to work.

  • 0

    Hey Quinton!

    You should be able to have an admin set a Zendesk password for you. Otherwise, you can click the Forgot my password link on the login screen, and you'll receive a link in your email.

  • 0

    Per the ZD support person that got back to me the other day:


    The Zendesk API (what you're actually authenticating to with the integration) can only be authorized 3 ways - native credentials, OAuth, or API Token.

    If you're on v4.11 (available here) you have access to all 3 as OAuth was recently added, otherwise you will need to use a set of native credentials or an API token. My recommendation would be to use a token if you are unable to update.

    To use an API token to authenticate the integration go into Zendesk and navigate to Admin >> Channels:API >> Enable token access.

    Once you've enabled token access you will have the option to create a new token and be prompted to give the token a name, this is for identification purposes. Once you've enter a name the token will appear to you. Be sure to save this token as this will be the only time the full token is ever displayed.

    Once you've acquired a token head back over to Salesforce and navigate to the Zendesk tab and enter the following:

    Zendesk URL: <ZendeskSubdomain.zendesk.com>
    Username: <AdminEmail>@domain.com/token
    Password: <APIToken>

    We will be removing token and native credential authentication in the future so it may be worthwhile to upgrade and utilize OAuth now.

  • 0

    Jessie, I have a question about what you posted about the Forgot my Password link on the login screen.  I have customers reporting that they are using it, but nothing happens.  They do not receive anything.  Is there something missing in our configuration to allow it to occur?  Any ideas?

    Thank you,

    Erin Byrne

  • 0

    Hey Erin!

    In order for them to get an email with password reset instructions, they need to already be in your Zendesk with the email they're trying to log in with. Provided that you've enabled Anybody can submit tickets in your Settings, they'll also see an option for if their new to your Zendesk, or if they've emailed you but haven't set up a password yet.

    You'll also want to make sure that you've enabled Allow users to change their password

    Then, of course, you'll want to make sure that they're also doing the standard "make sure you check your spam folder" thing as well.

    Let me know how it goes!

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