Creating macros from existing tickets

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  • DJ Jimenez

    Agents with a role permission to create group macros can also create group macros from tickets, not just personal macros.

  • David

    Can someone provide a example of how this feature is useful? Thanks

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi David - 

    Say that you're a business that sells jackets, and several times a day customers email you to ask what colors the jacket comes in. After the third or fourth time of typing out that the jacket comes in "blue, red, and yellow but not purple," you might want to just make it into a macro that you can apply rather than typing out the same answer over and over. This functionality allows you to take a response you've already typed and generate a macro from it, rather than having to use a text expander, copy/paste, or retyping your answer in the macro creation process. 


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