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Where to go next

Now that you've gotten an overview of what Zendesk Support does, you're ready to move on. If you're ready to set up and customize your Zendesk, we recommend that you now refer to the following articles that go into more detail about the areas we just covered. 


Managing Users

Managing Tickets

Help Center

Business Rules

All of these articles are part of our knowledge base, which contains all the details you need to not only set up Zendesk Support, but also many best practices for providing support. We even have a guide just for agents that focuses on how they use Zendesk and manage and solve tickets.

If you're looking for information about building Zendesk Apps to extend the functionality of your Zendesk, you can find that here:

Information about the Zendesk API is here:  

Are you one of those people who enjoys reading a printed book? Our friends at O'Reilly Media have published a book full of expert advice from Zendesk trainers who have helped customers set up and manage their support organization using practical advice and best practices. It's called Practical Zendesk Administration by Stafford Vaughan and Anton de Young and it's available wherever O'Reilly books are sold. 

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Zendesk training — Welcome to Zen U!

In addition to all of our documentation, we also provide instructor-led training to help you quickly get up to speed using Zendesk.  

Our trainers have extensive experience providing support to our customers and you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the trainers and your fellow learners. 

A listing of our available training options can be found here.

As a fairly new (but not brand-new) user of Zendesk, these training courses helped me to understand both the terminology/simpler concepts AND the more complex options. I came away from the session much more confident in my use of the product.
- EventBrite


In-Person Training Events

Give us a day and we’ll give you magic 
Zendesk powers! Each year we travel to cities throughout the world to deliver deep-dive training to our customers. These expert-led sessions are perfect for new admins with less than six months of Zendesk experience. Training includes learn how to build ticketing workflows and more advanced features designed to help you get the most out of Zendesk. Our amazing support staff will be on hand to provide help and showcase our newest products and features. Check our Events Page for upcoming in-person training and other great events!

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