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Whether you're a new Admin or Agent, or you're looking to expand your Zendesk skills, our training team has you covered. 

We recommend starting with the below courses, though there are other options to explore at university.zendesk.com. The courses listed here are instructor-led sessions conducted through a web conferencing tool.

You could also attend one the the three, live Zen U Training Days that we'll be hosting this Fall in Austin, NYC and San Francisco. You can find out more and register here.

If you'd like a private training session for your company or organization, contact WWTraining@zendesk.com.

Have a question about training? Take a look at our FAQ.

Instructor-led training: Agent Essentials

Our instructor-led training for agents consists of a comprehensive, 3-hour course, which is described below. When you purchase this course you'll be able to select the session date for each training session separately so that you can attend each when it's convenient for you. 

Zendesk Essentials (3 hours)

Zendesk Essentials is the best place to start with your Zendesk training - whether your role in Zendesk is Administrator or Agent. This course explains the basics of the ticketing workflow. You'll learn how to work efficiently in Zendesk and how to maximize our ticket deflection tools. When you’ve completed this course, you’ll know how to reduce your first response time and solve more tickets more quickly and to your customer's satisfaction.

This is the best choice for getting up to speed quickly with the assistance of our expert trainers.

Instructor-led training: Administrator Essentials

The best place to start with your admin-specific training is the User Management and Ticket Management courses in our Admin Essentials bundle. When you purchase this bundle you'll be able to select the session date for each training session separately so that you can attend each when it's convenient for you.

We recommend these for new customers who have been on our system for less than 6 months.

User Management (2 hours)

Zendesk makes the conversation between you and your customers much easier and a lot more efficient. So one of the first things you’ll need to decide is how to manage the users of your Zendesk. This course prepares you to do that. More...

Ticket Management (2 hours)

Ticket management and ticketing workflows are at the heart of a customer service strategy. Your goal is to make sure your customers have the best experience possible, and that means responding to their questions and issues the right way, the first time.  More...

Instructor-led training: Administrator Intermediate

The courses below take an in-depth approach to Zendesk. You’ll finish each course prepared to set up your Zendesk in a way that meets your business’ needs and draw upon the best practices of others before you.

When you purchase this series you'll be able to select the session date for each training session separately so that you can attend each when it's convenient for you.

Help Center (2 hours)

You’re new to Help Center and may have question about how to best set it up. What content do your customers need and what content will deflect tickets? Who will build and manage your Help Center content?  More...

Channels: Overview (2 hours)

Channels are your means of communication with your customers. As you start to set up your Zendesk, you’ll need to decide on at least one channel but you can always expand to include more as you grow more familiar with your Zendesk and learn customer preferences. More...

Channels: Chat and Web Widget (2 hours)

Among Zendesk's many channels, our chat tool and web widget are the best ways to communicate with your customers proactively, wherever they are. In this course, you'll learn in greater depth (than in the Overview course) the value of both chat and web widget for proactive customer service and your mobile solutions. We'll also teach you how to set up and customize both channels and share best practices for chatting with customers.

Instructor-led training: Reporting and Analytics

Insights (includes learning lab) (2.5 hours)

Insights is a powerful reporting integration with Gooddata. Insights lets you to build dynamic, multi-dimensional reports to analyze the success of your workflow, pulling information from your Zendeskt tickets, users and organizations. Want to compare multiple time periods or drill into an average to see the tickets that contributed to it? Interested in viewing historic changes to a ticket or finding a time-tracking solution to monitor agent productivity? More...

Zendesk Insights training from Keboola Academy

We've partnered with Keboola Academy to bring you the most comprehensive, deep-dive Insights training available. These self-paced e-learning courses provide you with hands-on learning and skill development to better understand the Insights environment. Want to become an Insights and GoodData expert? This is the way to do it. 

Keboola Academy is integrated with LinkedIn and as you finish the courses, you are awarded a badge that is added to your LinkedIn profile. 

Business User - Keboola Academy Course #1

Business User (BU) is the first course in the Zendesk Insights Advanced Learnings series. This course starts by providing an introduction to the Zendesk Insights interface within the native Gooddata environment.

You will learn how to use mouse-overs, drill-ins, and filters to get useful information from your dashboard. While we recommend organic exploration, there are also guides throughout this course that will provide in-depth explanations to further your understanding. More...

Report Master - Keboola Academy Course #2

The gloves come off starting in Report Master One Star (RM1), where students will be required to to build reports as well metrics from scratch. The basic GoodData MAQL functions taught in RM1 are COUNT, SUM, AVG, metric level filters, and more. Students will also learn some basics of how Logical Data Models used by GoodData work in relationship to COUNT functions and various slices. More...

Reporting Guru - Keboola Academy Course #3

Report Guru (RG) is the final course in the Zendesk Insights Advanced Learnings series. This course will build on your knowledge from Report Master to enhance your metric building skills. You will dive deeper into the sophisticated applications of Gooddata and how these applications can be used in Insights to answer your complex and unique business questions. The focus is on helping you start to think like an analyst and to create metrics, and in turn reports and dashboards, from scratch. This course is ideal for people with previous data modeling experience as its focus is on taking advanced concepts and applying them specifically to the Gooddata platform. More...

Keboola Academy Insights Training Bundle

Purchase all three Keboola Academy courses together and receive a 25% discount. This bundle includes the Business User, Report Master, and Report Guru courses.


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