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    Adrian Stefan

    Hi Bryant,

    Is it possible to customize the sound of the alert? I'm currently relying on API integration with a cloud service provider to send me SMS notifications of tickets opened after-hours. This way, I can use my phone's notification options to ensure I wake up when said event occurs, but I'm paying extra for their service.

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    Bryant Plano

    Hey Adrian - at this time, it is not possible to customize the sound of the notifications. It's not possible on Android either, as far as I know. Great suggestion though!

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    Tom Crandall (Edited )

    I am not receiving iPhone Notifications when new tickets are coming. I do get email notifications, but not via the iphone app.

    I have a trigger set where my condition is Ticket Group is "Support" and the actions is to email me.

    I don't see anywhere to create an IOS action instead of email action.

    When a new ticket comes in an email gets generated that lets me know the ticket has come in. I want it to instead go to my phone.

    All my phone notifications are set to on as well as the zendesk notifications.

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    Amie Brennan

    Hi Tom,

    The iOS app has been designed to only send out notifications for existing tickets that are assigned to you. i.e when an update comes through on an existing ticket.

    An iOS notification is not fired off for newly created/submitted tickets in your Zendesk, only the email notification.

    I've found an existing feature request in our forums based on this for you and you're welcome to vote/ follow and submit your use case on this link below to be kept up to date and interact with our product managers for mobile.


    We hope this helps to answer your question. :)

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    Greg Geary

    Feature Request - Notification based on Requestor tags.  For example I want to tag our executives as "VIP" such that each time they submit a ticket we receive a notification from the Zendesk app on our iPhones.  Thanks.

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