Installing and using the Out of Office v2 app

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  • Kevin Miodek


    Is there anyway we can use explore to report on that feature? What I'm trying to achieve here is to gather data on how many days were people unavailable in a week or a month. That'd help us automate efficiency tracking on our side

  • Rose Anderson

    I have just installed this app and used it for the first time yesterday when an agent was out. It is a lifesaver. However, I did find that the setting for "Prevent Assignment" does not work. I went into the queue for my agent who was out of office and found new assignments to him. 

    I created a test ticket saved it, and was able to assign it to him. I got the warning that the ticket could not be assigned due to the OOO status, but the ticket was assigned anyway.

  • Chris Fellows

    Hi Rose,

    I created a ticket so we can investigate this further.  Thanks!


  • Luveshen Pather

    Hi all,

    Are there any plans for the App to prevent the below methods from assigning agents?

    • The app does not prevent assigning tickets unless the ticket is updated individually through the Zendesk interface. Triggers, Mail API, REST API, and bulk editing will be able to bypass the assignment restrictions

    I have auto assignment triggers that I want to stop from firing while an agent is OOO but since I can't access Assignee attributes in the trigger I can't think of a way to do this.

  • Trevor Kanaya

    +1 to Luveshen Pather's inquiry, I'm in this exact same position. Interestingly, we have this "Agent Out?" checkbox created by the app, but it can only be used in a trigger for the requester on the ticket, not the assignee/agent. If we could somehow have something to the effect of "Assignee Agent Out? > Is > Checked" or "Assignee > Tagged With > agent_ooo", that would solve the problem completely!





  • Chris Fellows

    Hi Luveshen and Trevor, 

    Unfortunately the triggers are only looking at End User field values (requester) and not the value that agents would have set.  This is the checkbox value you're seeing on the agents which the OOO app creates.  Triggers and the Bulk Update screen don't have the ability to host or interact with Apps as well.  We are always looking to improve the App so when the data becomes available there we would look to add this functionality in. 

  • Greg Schiestl

    I'm adding my voice to the pile of users who believe this app needs an enhancement to allow us to set either a Role or Group that is capable of marking other users as OoO.


    Allowing Administrators as the only role with access to this is a security issue with this app and is in dire need of improvement.

  • Rudolph

    Same comment as so many folks over the past 5 years: This app is great but it is a massive inconvenience to not be able to adjust which roles can adjust agent availability.

    Please improve this critical shortcoming. Thank you!

  • Administrator

    The word MASSIVE needs to be bigger!!

  • Naomi Watnick

    +1 to having a role (other than Admin) be able to manage out of office status for others.  

    Use case: Team Manager needs to be able to set out of office for their Team Members when they suddenly go out of office or forget to set their status before their vacation.


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