Installing and using the Out of Office v2 app

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  • Ben Evans

    @David -

    The most recent version of the app (released last week) has a fix for the unassign open tickets checkbox, which might solve the issue you are having. Could you try again and let us know if it is still a problem?

  • Sarah Knoell

    Hello - We installed this app this week, and have noticed that the app is not letting us flag anyone as out-of-office.  Is something going on with the app?


  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Sarah!

    I checked with Ben, who owns this app, and he's not aware of any issues. I've also been able to set agents to unavailable in my test account without any problems. Can you describe exactly what's happening when you try to flag somebody? Are you getting any kind of error message?

  • Sarah Knoell

    @Jessie - Hi Jessie!

    When I click on the button/slider to mark an agent or myself as unavailable the button/slider starts to fill in red, but then when it is done loading it goes back to available.    Let me know if you would like me to take a screenshot.


  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Sarah!

    There are a couple of things I'd like you to try here: Firstly, try clearing your browser cache and cookies. If that doesn't do it, try uninstalling and re-installing the app in your Zendesk.

    If neither of those things fix the issue, we'll probably want you to submit a support ticket so we can do more in-depth troubleshooting.

    Let me know how it goes!

  • Sarah Knoell

    @Jessie - Hello!  I cleared the cookies in Chrome, but the app would still not allow me to flag an agent or myself as unavailable.

    I then went ahead and uninstalled and then reinstalled the app in Zendesk, but again the app will not let me flag anyone or myself as unavailable.

    Should I start a ticket and include you somehow?


  • Erica Rey

    @Sarah - Have you checked that the correct roles are selected in the app settings? Go to Manage in the Apps menu to edit the settings for the app. You'll be able to view which roles have the app available to them. Hopefully that does the trick!

  • Sarah Knoell

    @Erica - Thank you so much for the suggestion, but unfortunately (or fortunately) all user roles are set up correctly and I did not include any user restrictions within the app.

  • Ben Evans


    It looks like the "Agent Out?" user field in your account is disabled. The app can't function without that field to track the agent status, so could you try again after enabling the field?


  • Sarah Knoell

    @Benjamin - That was the issue!  The app now functions!  Thank you so much!!!

  • Katie Pursinger


    Is there any way to customize a trigger or API to notify an agent when they are marked as unavailable? We mark them as unavailable if they are out sick, etc. and would like them to have an email stating they are marked out so they have a trigger to remember to mark themselves as available again when they are back in the office.

    Alternatively, if this isn't possible, will scheduling be something that is coming down the pipeline soon?

    Thanks so much! 


  • Ferran Barneda Delporte

    Hi Katie,

    You could create a Script that would check if the field "agent_ooo" is false or true, if it is true then send an email to the agent' email mentioning that.

    This can be done with our API:

    Hope this helps!

  • Brett Youngberg

    Hi - I'm just trying this out and testing. We set one of our agents unavailable, created a test ticket assigned to herself. She then responded to the user and marked it pending. The user then replied to that email but the ticket was not reassigned to the group. Are we missing something?

    I get the warning message if I try and assign a ticket to her while she is marked Unavailable which is great, but we don't want customers responding to solved, pending, on-hold, or closed tickets and having it assign to an agent that is unavailable. The agent is also an admin (if that matters)

    This is from the app marketplace description of the app:

    7. Existing Tickets updated by the Requester while Assignee is unavailable resets the Assignee field back to it's parent group and (notifies Requester)

    It also didn't notify the requester and I don't see that in the two triggers I see created. Please help.


  • Madison Davis
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Brett! Sorry for the delay on an answer here. Could you confirm that you checked the "Force unassign tickets?"  box in the app configuration before replying to the test ticket?

    The description from the Marketplace listing is unfortunately not accurate for the out-of-the-box installation of the app, but you could definitely customize the system triggers created by the app to notify the requester of the reassignment! 

  • Mike Bedney

    TL;DR Summary:

    We are using the Help Center in Zendesk version: 1.202.6 (9dc8a52) and this app version is v2.6.3.
    We are having a problem when an agent switches back to being available.  Their tickets still carry the OOO tags that leave our tickets into an unassigned ticket view. 


    The issue is reproducible by following these steps:

    • Ticket is created
    • Agent in the office claims ticket using "Take It" button and clicks Open
    • The agent can respond or not respond (results are the same)
    • Agent marks themselves Unavailable (see Additional Detals section below)
    • Tickets now tagged with agent_ooo and agent_ooo_ticket_open and rightfully shows up in a shared view with tickets that are unassigned
    • Agent marks themselves Available in the same manner in step 4
    • Both OOO ticket tags persist which leaves the ticket in ourunassigned ticket view.  The ticket still belongs to the agent though.

    I've our Zendesk Administrator we have not done any custom work to this app.


    Additional details:

    • OOO tags on my tickets are only set when sliding this green bar/toggle


    • OOO tags are not assigned when checking this box (but the toggle in the screenshot above does change to unavailable



    • This shows the tags still persist when even when using toggle (also tried check box).  I end up manually removing them or on some tickets I need to unassign it, hit submit (submit = open, pending, whatever status), then reopen it, assign it to myself, and hit submit again.


    Thanks for any help you can offer.  I love this app and appreciate your hard work.


  • Paul Suh

    Is there a way to change the group e-mail notifications so that someone who is OOO is not notified by e-mail of group assignments? For us, all tickets are initially assigned to a group, and everyone gets the group assignment notification e-mails. The flow quickly pollutes the inbox of someone who is away on a business trip, who isn't in a position to respond to general tickets but needs to respond to specific items. 

    I suspect this isn't simple based on some poking around with the default trigger. I don't see an easy way to tweak this. 

  • Gabriel Manlapig

    @Mike sorry for the late update. I tried this on my end and follow the steps that you've provided and I'm able to see the app is working fine as expected.

    1. Try to create a ticket 

    2. Click "take it" link

    3. Update or don't update the ticket and marked it as Pending.

    Note: Clicking on the status toggle displays a dialog box that lets you change an agent's status. Changing the status either adds or removes a tag on Pending/On-Hold/Solved tickets as well as optionally all Open tickets. See Understanding the 'agent_ooo' tag.

    4. Marked myself as Unavailable.

    5. Ticket now have the tagged agent_ooo this was update via web service of the app

    6. I tried to set myself to Available and the tag agent_ooo was removed automatically by the app.

    Did you add this tag: agent_ooo_ticket_open into your trigger or user profile since this is not included by default on the app? Can you please check this?

  • Mike Bedney


    We did have our own trigger to create the agent_ooo_ticket_open but the agent_ooo tag (which is automatically added/removed by the app) is the part that is not removed when setting the agent to available.

    Just to be certain, we deactivated all triggers and ran a test.  We were left with the same results as before: The agent_ooo tag is not removed from the tickets even though on the agent's profile page, the agent_ooo tag is removed and the Agent Out? checkbox is unchecked.
  • Jake Donovan

    When our agents click OOO to set themselves as unavailable, the toggle turns red then immediately shoots over green and never unassigns a case.

    Any idea's?

  • Mark Vermaat

    Hey All.  Just having an issue, I have installed the app and made it available with everything click correctly. (According to install documentation) However, agents are still able to assign the cases to the agent who is set as away.

    Works fine in out test environment however seems to break in our production instance.

    I have checked and It doesnt show that any other triggers are causing an issue so I am kinda at a loss.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • Mike Bedney

    Just wanted to follow up since I discovered the solution to the agent_ooo tags not being removed from tickets assigned to agents who are set back to Available.

    The issue came down to the permissions that our accounts were set to.  My account did not have permission to edit the tags of a ticket.  So when I would toggle the Unavailable/Available slider, none of the agent_ooo tags could be removed since I cannot add/remove tags.

    We are having our admins set the OOO status for the time being and will look into a way to give the ability to add/remove tags to agents without granting them all of the rights of an administrator.  

    Hopefully this helps someone else out there.

  • Michaela Behan


    im really stuck ive got triggers set up to allocated tickets to assignee's and attempted to set up a out of office trigger but its not working and im pulling my hair out.

    ive used an additional tag unassigned_by_ooo_app but it doesnt seem to be working

  • Lester

    Looks like a good app. But, we have over 100 light agents and only 15 agents.

    I'd only use it if the list could hide the light agents who can't be assigned a ticket anyway.

  • Dan Rodriguez

    Zendesk has obviously put a lot of time and effort into their redesign and new look and feel.  I, for one, really love it!  However, this custom app is quite an eye sore on the side navbar.  Can the app be updated to use the new look and feel?  Or is this how all custom apps will look?  Could there be an option to hide this icon in the app settings?  We only need to use it from the user app sidebar.

  • Elaine Tan

    Hey all, 

    Can anyone please tell me if we are able to:

    - disable the agent_ooo tag?

    - I was reading the article and it says “any open tickets with the agent_ooo are unassigned on update”, is this a setting? Can we disable this too?


    Many thanks!

  • Elisa Reggiardo

    Hi everyone, quick question: what happens when the agent is the only one within the group and "Force unassign tickets" is enabled?



  • Jeff Callahan

    I have created Triggers to Automatically Assign tickets to a specifc Agent based upon an Organization tag.
    How can I modify and/or create a new Trigger to either prevent Auto Assigning tickets to an OOO Agent or Un-assign the ticket if the Agent is OOO?  (Note: I still want to manually Assign Tickets to OOO Agents)

    Also in some cases if the Agent is only going to be OOO for a short period of time we will Assign an Open Ticket to them.  How can I adjust the OOO App to still tag these Tickets with agent__ooo so if the Customer responds before the Agent returns the Ticket is Un-Assigned?

    (It would make things a lot easier if we could base Triggers off Assignee properties)

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Elisa! I apologize for the delayed response!

    It looks like you were able to get help with this in a ticket as well, but for anyone else who might have this question, in this scenario the tickets will remain assigned to the agent. They won't be re-assigned anywhere.

    Please let us know if you need anything else. :)

  • Travis Rider
    Zendesk team member

    Hello Jeff!

    I appreciate your patience while I looked into your post!

    I'll need a some more information about the triggers you've created and your workflow before I'm able to suggest possible workarounds. I am going to take the request into a ticket for further discussion.

    Looks for a ticket from me soon :)

  • Barbara

    In case this helps anyone...

    In my sandbox, the Out of office app is configured to enable "confirm status change" and "prevent assignment", but "force unassign tickets" is not enabled.

    I had a problem getting a pending ticket assigned to an unavailable/out-of-office agent to become unassigned after receiving a customer reply.

    Once I went into Settings->Tickets and disabled "automatic ticket tagging", it worked fine, the ticket would be unassigned.



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