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    Sarah Ryan

    Hi Veronica, To change the graph type to a table you'll just click the Table Icon, which is 2nd graph type icon.

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    Christopher Rehn (Edited )

    Hi. Struggling a bit with these metrics.

    Having copied verbatim the 4 example custom metrics and then applying the filter Week (Mon-Sun)/Year (Ticket Solved), my total adds up to 4648 tickets. If however I use the WHAT # Tickets Solved, I get 6893 tickets. What may cause this discrepancy?

    The same applies if I select Tickets Created for filter rather than Ticket Solved, also for last updated.

    I can confirm that the 4 metrics I applied are worded exactly like the ones stated at the top of this article.

    Could the difference stem from tickets being solved without a public comment from an agent?

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    Amy Dee

    Hi Christopher! You got it! The difference is almost certainly coming from tickets that do not have a public reply.

    The metrics described above will only count tickets that have a value for First Reply Time. If a ticket was solved without any public agent comment, it will not be included in a first reply percentage, but it will be included in a general ticket count.

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!

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    Christopher Rehn

    @Amy: Thanks for the swift reply.


    Is there a reliable way to create a report providing "Solved tickets without a first reply", a way to see the number of tickets being solved without providing the customer with a public comment?

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    Amy Dee

    Hi Christopher! There are a number of ways to approach that sort of report. For now, let's use the method that most closely matches the recipe above. 

    In Step 3, the recipe uses this metric to find tickets with at least one agent reply:

    • SELECT # Tickets WHERE Ticket replies > 0

    To see tickets without a reply, set replies equal to 0:

    • SELECT # Tickets WHERE Ticket replies = 0

    In Insights, the Ticket replies fact shows a count of public agent comments after ticket creation. If this fact is 0, then the ticket has no first reply. (The ticket creation comment does not count as a reply, even if it was submitted by an agent.)

    You can use this metric on its own; you do not need to build it into a percentage like the recipe does. It will behave just like the default # Tickets metric, but with filtered results.

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!

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    Schuyler Weinberg

    Is there a way to report on tickets that are not replied to outside of a different SLA metric such as Next Reply Time?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Schuyler! Welcome to the Community.

    I'm not sure I totally understand your question...Can you elaborate on what you're trying to do here?

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    Andrew Sapienza

    I'm having a bummer of a time relabeling the metrics. 

    Here is what it looks like currently:

    Also, this is pretty unclear to me:

    > To change the label all you need to do is go to the table format of the report, double-click that header, type in a new label (I like changing it to a simple 1-8 hrs format), and hit enter. Repeat this step for each of your metrics if you wish.

    Nothing I click on gives me an editable field. Please help! 

    One other thing, what if I wanted to group the Biz and Cal hours by time to first reply? It's what I'd prefer to do.  

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