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User provisioning and role management for Insights is handled through Zendesk Support. Access to Insights is based on the Zendesk Support agent's permissions.

The article contains the following sections:

Overview user permissions in Insights

Access permissions in the Insights project are based on the agent's permissions in Zendesk Support. Insights has three levels of reporting access that map to Zendesk Support roles: editor, viewer, and no access. Full agents have editor access.

The following table maps Zendesk Support roles to Insights access levels, and details the permissions each access level.

Zendesk Support role Insights level of access Description Can access these features
  • Administrator
  • Agents - non-restricted
  • Enterprise custom roles that can view, add and edit reports
Editor Can customize dashboards and reports and can review project data, but does not have full access to manage project data. 

Can access features described in the Viewer section, plus the following:

  • Customize existing dashboards and create new dashboards

  • Customize existing reports and create new reports

  • View data model, data sets, and project elements (existing facts, attributes, metrics, and variable names)

  • Edit project attributes (such as drill paths), edit project metrics, and create new metrics by aggregating project facts

  • Access to API

  • Edit project variables

  • Alter mandatory user filters, called Data Permissions

  • Enterprise custom roles that can view only reports
  • Enterprise and Professional Add-on light agents who can view only reports

Can access project dashboards on a view-only basis.

Navigation bar links to the Dashboards, Reports, and Manage pages are not visible. 

Can do any of the following:

  • View business dashboards and all of their contents (reports, widgets, embedded web content, and so on)

  • Export and print reports and dashboards

  • Hover over dashboard reports for more info

  • Use predefined dashboard filters

  • Use predefined drill paths in dashboard reports

  • Navigate Insights by toggling between projects, dashboards, and tabs

  • Submit support tickets directly from Insights

  • Modify account info and set regional number formatting preferences

  • Agents - restricted

  • Non Zendesk Support agents

  • Enterprise custom roles that cannot view reports

  • Enterprise and Professional Add-on light agents who cannot view reports

  • End-users

No access Cannot access Insights reporting N/A

Restricting access to Insights

You can limit agent access to Insights by doing any of the following options:
  • Restricted agents (Professional) You can restrict agents by group, organization, or assigned tickets, and those agents will not be able to view any Insights reports. To do so, see Adding a user and set access to Tickets within this agent's groups(s), Ticket in agent's org, or Assigned tickets only.
  • Custom roles (Enterprise) You can create custom roles to give agents view only or no access to Insights. To do so, see Creating custom roles, and set the report access to Can view only or Cannot view.
  • Light agents (Professional Add-on and Enterprise) By default light agents are already limited to view only access in Insights. You can change light agent permission so that they cannot view reports. To do so, edit the Light Agent role, and change report access in the Tools section to Cannot view.

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    Question... Would the user's role in HC (Viewer or Manager) have any impact on whether or not the user has access to the insights?

  • 0

    Hey Ali!

    Viewing permissions are set within Insights, so Help Center role will not have any impact on it.

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    Would it be possible to limit Lights agents so that they can only see Insights?

  • 0

    Hi Conrad!

    Could you go into more detail about what you're trying to do?

  • 0

    Hi Jessie,

    We have customers who have to access InSight statistics.

    But we do not want them to be able to access Talk informs.

    The problem is that in the page of reports Light Agents, can see information that they should not be able to see.

    2 years ago our clients could access Insights (GoodData) directly, but Zendesk eliminated this possibility.

  • 0

    Hey Conrad, I just want to make sure that I understand your issue.

    You allow your end-users to view certain dashboards in your Insights project, but there are reports on that dashboard that you don't want them to be able to see. Is that correct?

    I'm going to pull in one of our Insights experts to help out with this, but if you can verify that I'm on the right track, that'll be really helpful for them!

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