Auto-fill the Web Widget Contact Form

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  • Laura Hippert
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    Hi Lena - When I'm testing with the Web Widget and auto-filling the name and e-mail (using the instructions in this article) - I am not able to replicate the issue that you are seeing:

    I am opening up a support ticket for you so that we can look into this further! I will reach out from the ticket shortly. 

    Tolga, I'm glad you were able to open up a support ticket - it looks like this was something that our developers were able to resolve.

  • Kristin Z.
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    in the LEAVE A MESSAGE ContactForm of the web widget, is there a way to pre-select from a custom drop down? we have set a custom field which is a drop down menu, titled "Reason for contacting us" with some options, and we want to pre-select one of the options. I see you can do this with the live chat filter for the chat form, but this is for the contact form. i can prefill fields but cant figure out how to "pre-select" a custom field.

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hi Kristin,

    The API doesn't actually allow for you to pre-populate drop-down fields as mentioned in our documentation here: Widget API. You can only pre-populate one or more text fields.

    However, you can set the default drop-down field within the Support interface by navigating to Admin>Manage>Ticket Fields. You can also set up a trigger to auto-populate this drop-down field after the ticket has been created.

    Let me know if you have any other questions :)

  • Riley
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    not being able to dynamically prefill is a seriously lacking feature.


    You can prefil default values by using the code below BUT with widget only checks for this once ( on load ). If you change the prefilled value after the widget has loaded it will not react.


    window.zESettings.webWidget = {
        contactForm: {
            fields: [{ id: 360017746632, prefill: { "*": *custom variable here* } }]


    Is there any update to this functionality being introduced it would be extremely valuable 


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