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  • Matias Wulff

    Zendesk Talk will create a ticket for every call , even if a call dropped, the customer hung up, or you couldn’t hear the customer/they couldn’t hear you.


    This is not true, calls which is droped or unanswered is gone. Unless you go to Administration -> Talk -> History.


    Not that great.

  • Larry Detlor

    @Matias Wulff

    This is true. Dropped calls by default create a ticket. There's an option to disable it as well which may be the case for your setup.

    Take a look at Admin -> Talk -> Numbers and edit your main number.

    You'll see the option "Create ticket for abandoned calls?" (screenshot below)

    Just turn that back on.

  • Matias Wulff

    Hey @Larry D

    This option is non existent.

  • Larry Detlor

    @Matias Wulff

    Hmm. Sorry for the confusion. It's likely the result of your package I guess. I took a look at the feature comparison page and it appears that Ticket logging for abandoned calls is only part of the "Advanced" package:

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Matias - 

    Larry is correct, this functionality is something that is only available on the Advanced package, and it looks like you are not currently on that plan. So unfortunately that's not a solution for you unless you're interested in upgrading, but the good news is it's out there if that functionality is something you really need. 

    Larry, thanks for jumping in and helping Matias out!

  • Kamal Chahine

    You guys over at Zendesk need to seriously provide your customers (admins) to have configure auto ticket creation. Not every single call needs to be a ticket. 

    In my organisation, I have Three groups and all agents are using Talk. One Group is Support, another is Sales, and the other is a License group. We have ZERO control over disabling auto-ticket creation per group. We want to have this enabled for our Support group, but again we have ZERO interest in having every single Sales call auto-created into a ticket. 

    When will you guys address this?  It seems real simple to implement?




  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Kamal! Thank you so much for your feedback on this!

    I checked our Product Feedback forum, and it looks like nobody has actually made this suggestion before. I'd definitely encourage you to head over there and share your detailed use case so other users can do the same, and our Product Managers will be sure to see it.


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