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  • Emma McGahan

    Hi, if I mark a voice ticket as solved once I finish a call, with no written comment to the customer, is the call being answered treated as the first response for reporting purposes?


  • Christopher McLoughlin

    Hi Emma,

    Whether or not the ticket is solved right away or left open, the first reply time will show the number of minutes the call took. This is because the First Reply Time is determined by the first public response by the agent after the ticket was created. In the case of voice tickets, the ticket is created when the call comes . The first public reply by the agent will be the call details that are added to the ticket once the call is complete. So the first reply time is satisfied when the call ends and the details are added. So for reporting purposes the first reply time will be the amount of time the call took. I hope that helps! Let us know if you have any further questions.

  • Emma McGahan

    Thanks Christopher! How about voicemail tickets? If I mark a voicemail ticket as solved with no response, does this count against my first reply time? I assume a phone call back on the ticket is counted as a response...

    Thank you!

  • Christopher McLoughlin

    Hello Emma,

    No problem at all! Voicemail tickets do not have a first reply time if solved out. You are correct, should you call the customer back or make a public comment, that would satisfy the requirements for first reply time. But solving a voicemail straight away would result in a "null" value for reporting purposes.

  • Michael Miller

    Hi there, 

    I haven't been able to find anything on the Zendesk site about how a specific problem:

    When working on an email with Zendesk when you answer a call (we have it on Callbar) - how do you avoid Zendesk automatically switching to the call (interrupting your email writing)? 


    Michael @ Bulb

  • Justin Smith

    Hey Michael!

    The Zendesk Talk system was designed to open up a new ticket for the incoming call, so at this time there isn't really a way to prevent that action from happening.  This is in place both to show you what ticket is going to be used for that call, as well as give you a place to take notes about the call or fill out necessary ticket field information.  When you are directed to the new ticket for the call the tab for the original ticket you were working on stays up and no information is removed from it, so you'll just need to click back into that tab if you want to resume working.

    Apologies that we don't have a way to get you the functionality you're looking for within the Talk system at this time, but feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.


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