Embedding customer service in mobile apps with the Support SDK

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  • Fiona W


    1. If I embed the Support Center into our app, can I specify that if a user taps on a certain link in the app, it opens a specific article? E.g. on a certain screen in the app, the user could tap the "i" next to a certain term to open the article in our support center which explains more about this. 

    2. If I embed chat - does it mirror our widget, in that if noone is online, it shows the default contact form?

    3. If I embed chat, can the user navigate the app while they are chatting to us or does that take over the app?


  • Fiona W

    Just adding to my questions above:

    - is it possible to embed a specific article so that when the user taps on the i in our app on a specific section, it brings up the article which explains this in more detail (currently we are housing those 'user guides' as we call them outside of Zendesk which makes it difficult to ensure consistency). 

    - is it possible to not have the pencil icon

    - for embedding chat, what happens if noone is online? does it just display the contact form (which is the current behaviour of our widget)?

    - also for chat, can the user still navigate the app if they are in a chat with us or does that take over the whole app?


  • Lisa S


    Where's best to check first if tickets are being received without a country (custom field) populated? They're being filtered incorrectly to the UK team (catch all).



  • Jon Simone


    Sorry if there is any confusion on my side here (I am new to this). Can anyone point me in the direction of a sample iOS app that does Help Center, Tickets, Chat and possibly voice? 

    I have found these sample apps that show how to add each one (answerbot, chat, help center, tickets) individually here: https://github.com/zendesk/ios_sdk_demo_apps

    But I would really like the code that is shown here: https://web-assets.zendesk.com/videos/support-in-mobile-app.webm (on this page: https://www.zendesk.com/embeddables/ near the bottom).

    Thank you!


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