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  • Paul Davis
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    A Firefox version would be fantastic! Chrome doesn't work for a number of our web-based apps for our Mac OS users, so they only use Firefox and Safari. This extension is a real boon, but not having it in Firefox is a huge drain. 

    And not to get too picky about it, but the Firefox addon frameworks are almost identical to Chrome so that dev would have a much easier time of supporting both browsers...

  • Tom Walker
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    RAVE: I love this app, saves me from having so many tabs open.

    FEATURE REQUEST: One thing I would like to request though... Can this be modified to be compatible with the URL's that get created from the "Copy and Share this Search Query" button that is at the right end of the search bar? Currently, when I have the app enabled, the links do not do the search, it just sends me to the search page. Disabling the app allows the links to work properly.

    Please and thank you!

  • alex_mayorga
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    Seems like somebody has ported it to Firefox over at https://github.com/dtf0/zendesk-quicktab/ FWIW.

  • Dillon
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    I've been working with the Zendesk Support team to get Quicktab opensourced, which they've kindly done here: https://github.com/zendesklabs/QuickTab

    One thing to note is the following:

    > Keep in mind that this is considered a "Zendesk Labs" project, meaning it's not supported and not necessarily actively maintained (in fact, the source code pushed was last updated about three years ago). It has no official owner internally, as it was created by a past employee, but is obviously still useful.

    The version that alex_mayorga posted was quickly hacked together from the compiled version of the Chrome extension, and seems to be working as expected for now (you can download and install a signed version from the "releases" tab). I'll be removing that repo in favour of a fork of the original source and putting releases on Firefox Add-ons down the road, however.


    PS, thanks again to the folks at Zendesk for releasing this to the community!

  • Marcelo
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    Similar to Walker's comment above, when a user clicks a link with a target URL like this:


    The extension correctly brings you to the tab with Zendesk, but the query is not in the search form field & no search is performed.


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