The road to Multibrand migration (for Hub & Spoke customers only) Follow


At this time, we have worked with you to validate that no substantial impediment would prevent you from migrating from Hub & Spoke (H&S) to our Multibrand (MB) product.

(if this is not the case, please email and ask how we can work with you to validate the above roadblock won't be an issue for you)

In your journey from H&S to Multibrand, there are five steps you need to follow:

  1. Validate that our Multibrand (MB) product is appropriate for your use case
  2. Review the H&S-to-MB migration's steps and key limitations
  3. Meet with the Multibrand migration team to gather migration requirements
  4. Execute a migration contract (which including fees and timeline)
  5. Start the migration

This document will walk you through the details of each step.  However, there are key roadblocks that you need to be aware before making this journey; please review the prerequisites.

1. Is Multibrand (MB) appropriate for my use case?

Before discussing a migration, you need to assess whether or not the product is appropriate for your use case.  Here are the tools and documents at your disposal to make this assessment

  • Play with the Multibrand features on your sandbox account or please create a new Zendesk account and request the "Multibrand upgrade" to our team of Advocates (
  • Review our Multibrand setup guide
  • View our Multibrand videos on our resources page.

Most importantly, read this section about the changes in behavior a Hub & Spoke (H&S) might encounter after migrating to Multibrand

2. How is the Multibrand migration?

After you are comfortable that Multibrand will be a better product than H&S for your business, then you want to learn on the migration from H&S to Multibrand.  

There are two options for switching or migrating to Multibrand:

  1. Self-service your migration.  You will be required to either let go of your spokes' content (tickets and Help Center content) or execute the migration using our APIs and CSV upload.  Although this is a free option, please note that the migration can be complex and difficult.
  2. Have Zendesk assist you and/or migrate your content for a fee.  These engagement starts at $3,000 and includes guidance as well as content migration. If you are interested in this option, please read on.

If you are looking for a Zendesk-assisted migration, all information can be found in this detailed document.  If you have question about the migration or the Multibrand product, then please submit questions to our team of support Advocates before moving to the next step below.

Next steps: after you read all material and had all your questions answered, then you want to formally request Zendesk to go to the next steps.  You can do this by making a comment in the ticket which was created to track the progress of this migration.  Once we receive your acknowledgement of interest, we will then contact you to schedule a migration meeting with our team.

3. Migration meeting with Zendesk team 

This is a very important meeting since we will be discussing in extensive details what content and tickets need to be migrated.  At the outset of the meeting, we will have agreed on a migration blueprint which is going to detail what content and from which source (in the hub and spokes network)

For this meeting, you need to have all relevant Zendesk administrators on the call. These people need to know what triggers are set up, what channels are enabled, what tickets are getting shared or not, what information needs to be transferred and which one can be sacrificed.

4. Execute a migration contract

Once we know what content needs to be migrate from your H&S environment to your new Multibrand instance, we will draft an agreement which will include details about fees, timeline, and responsibilities.

5. Start the migration

After the above migration meeting is completed and we have a signed contract, we will start the migration steps as outlined in this article.

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