Understanding disconnected date dimensions in Insights

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  • Alexis Manetas

    Is there a way to specifically choose one date in a date range? For example if I want to show data from only the second day of the week selected in the range?

  • Paul Isom

    I have the same question as Alexis, I was looking to generate reports on fixed date ranges, the only option I could see was to use previous x amount of days which isn't ideal.

    Ideally I've love to be able to have a dynamic report that allowed me to look at information based on a date field for the last month. (i.e. where attribute date is last month) is there any way I can do this?

    We do reporting month to month so it'd be really help to be able to set-up reports that don't require find tuning every month or manual manipulation of data with excel sheets.

  • Ben Saffran

    Hello Alexis and Paul,

    I did a bit of research into this and the best way to do this would be to use a How and then just select the day of the month for example that you are looking for. For example if you just wanted to see the number of tickets created on the second day of each month you could select the attribute "Day of Month (Ticket Created)" and then filter that for the second day of each month. You could set this up for any of the other attributes. Is this along the lines of what you are looking for?

  • Alexis Manetas

    So what I'm trying to do is, on a dashboard that is for a chosen week, have 7 reports that show different information for each day of that specific week (ie a report for that week's Monday, that week's Tuesday, etc.). So sadly basing it off a specific date of a month doesn't seem like that would fit in this case. :-/ Thanks for the suggestion though!

  • Ben Saffran

    You are welcome Alexis! I looked into this a bit more and it doesn't look like we have a way to do exactly what you are doing unfortunately. That being said I want to point you in the direct of our Product Feedback forum (https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/200132066-Product-feedback). Our product team pays very close attention here to suggestions and ideas from our user base so please leave some feedback regarding your reporting needs here. Also if you find any posts you like please follow and +1 them as well!

  • Cameron Christopher Dunn

    I'd like my report to be filtered by ticket update, so would I need to create a "_Filter Ticket Last Update Date" metric (as it doesn't exist now)?

  • Brian Manning

    @Cameron - You've got it. If you reproduce the syntax for one of the other date filter metrics and substitute the 'Date (Ticket Last Updated)' attribute for the existing attribute you should be all set. Be sure to leave the timeline attributes in place.

  • Justin

    I've asked the Zendesk support team and I feel like I'm going in circles with my question (not their fault! This is tricky stuff). I am wondering if the larger community group has any advice for my project....

    My goal is to create two tables on one dashboard tab, one of which shows data for LAST 7 DAYS and the other table shows the same data but for the LAST 30 DAYS. Below is the data/metrics I have under WHAT. Under HOW, I have Ticket Assignee. Under FILTER I have Date (Ticket Event) is (last 7 days or last 30 days, depending on the report)

    Metrics under WHAT I would like to include are (but not limited to) 

    # tickets created

    # tickets solved

    # tickets reopened

    first reply time avg.

    full resolution time avg.

    % change metrics (custom metrics for time over time reporting - for example % change in tickets created in the respective time periods)


    I also have a custom metric for # of tickets with breached SLAs. Here's that configuration

    The issues I'm running into:

    1. For this specific custom metric, I am being shown the number of tickets with breached SLAs in the specified "Date (Event)" filter I have under the report's FILTER tab, but I want it to show me "of all tickets created in the last 7 days, how many had breached SLAs?". I know I can go to the FILTER tab and replace "Date (Event)" with "Date (ticket created)" but then it won't pull in the correct numbers for the other metrics. Any advice on this custom metric or the table filters?


    2. Some of these metrics only display correctly if I update the time period on the "Date (Timeline)" dashboard filter. For example, in the last 7 days table, % change in tickets created is only accurate if the dashboard filter ("Date (Timeline)") is set to last 7 days. Is it possible to have all these metrics in each table show accurate numbers for the respective time periods WITHOUT updating the filter? This is for when the dashboard is sent out as a PDF and the filter can't be adjusted to see the accurate numbers in the table reports.

  • Mohammad Qayyum

    Hi Support,


    Is anyone able to help me create a report in insight.


    I would like to create a reoccurring reports that gets generated every month for example I need a report that generate a report for the month of the previous month March 1st to March 31st and that be send out periodically.


    I would like the metrics to include the following :


    No of tickets created per month

    No of tickets created per day within that month

    No of solved tickets per month

    And average response time for those ticket so from 0min to 3 hours


    If someone can help, that would be very helpful.




  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Mohammad,

    It looks like there hasn't been any follow-up on your post from any of our community users. I did want to at least provide you with some useful documentation that may help get you started with these reports you're looking for:

    I hope the above information helps!

  • Zach Hanes

    What's the way to do this in Explore?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Zach,

    Can you clarify what exactly you're trying to report on in Explore? We may have a recipe already available that I can send you with more information.

    Let me know!

  • Zach Hanes

    Hi Brett,

    For example, I'll be recreating our daily dashboard that includes these metrics for the previous day:

    - SLA breaches

    - Tickets created

    - Satisfaction

    On Insights I would use date(timeline) to create a single filter to filter date(event), date(ticket created), and date(ticket solved). What's the way to do that in Explore.


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