Setting up business rules for multiple brands (Enterprise)

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  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Michael!

    It's possible to use business rules (ie: triggers and automations) to update the brand on your tickets, but it might be easier to use the bulk ticket update feature.

    You can use your tag or shared status (or various other criteria) to assemble these tickets in a view, check the box at the top of the view, and then bulk edit the tickets from there:


    Each page of your view will show 30 tickets, but you can select all the tickets on one page, then move to the next page and select more. In this way, you can bulk edit up to 100 tickets at a time.

    Do you think that would work for you?

  • Frederik Vibe-Petersen

    Hi - When you do the migration from running hub-spoke to becoming multibrand, will the trigger and automations be divided up automatically by brand by the system, or do you have to do that manually?

    Thanks for clarifications

  • Blaine Knab

    Hi Frederik,

    I apologize for the late reply. Unfortunately, triggers and automations will need to be recreated manually. There are going to be small changes here and there that will cause many of the triggers and automations to no longer fire properly. Rather than force you to troubleshoot these after the fact, we have you manually configure triggers for the new brand. This way there is a better chance that everything will work properly afterwards.

  • CS Five

    How to limit the agent to modify the brand of the ticket?

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi CS!

    Just a quick clarification: do you want to prevent agents from changing the brand on the ticket? Or were you looking to do something else?


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