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    George Kaloyanov


    Any update on the JWT Payload URL restriction/confinement to only?

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    Mark Fly

    Any changes in regards to SSO since May? Specifically, can I segregate the Help Centers? I cant have users from one have access to another for example. Or has another solution come about? Dig it.

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    Will Seader .
    I'm curious about the above question as well. SSO is the only thing stopping us from switching at the moment.
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    Andrea Brown

    I'm also interested in switching over, but can't do so if our Help Centers are going to be accessible to all users across all of our brands. 

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    Dmitry Kirilyuk

    Hello! Any news about different SSO urls for brands?

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    Michael Sheetz

    Hello Dmitry,

    Unfortunately, Multibrand still only allows for one SSO used between all brands.  This is a known limitation and we are looking into finding a solution in the future.

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    Mark Fly

    Any update on Mutlibrand and SSO?


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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Mark - 

    Multibrand still natively only supports a single SSO, however I have great news for you! There is a way to create an easy script between Zendesk Support and the SSO  login script in your server that will allow you to route your customers to specific URLs based on which brand they are trying to log into: 

    Multibrand - Using multiple JWT Single-Sign-on URL's

    Check that out and let us know if it solves the problem for you, or if you have additional questions. 

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