Reporting on business hours in Insights

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  • Holly Zaragoza


    How can I use Business hours to see the proper Age of the ticket?

    Thank you,

  • Kenneth Dean

    What if I want to report only tickets that come in outside of business hours

  • Shannon Anahata
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Ken! Can you provide a use case for what kind of reports you'd like to see outside of business hours? These metrics we're displaying in this article are specifically for certain events. So, while you could create a new metric that subtracts, for example, first reply time (hrs) [mdn] from [biz] first reply time (hrs) [mdn], I'm not sure there's much value you'd get from that number on its own. It sounds like you might be talking about a different type of tracking using attributes instead of metrics, in which case, you'd want to have a trigger adding a tag or a ticket field to tickets coming in outside of business hours. Feel free to reach out to us through a ticket if you want to talk specifics!

  • Zac

    How can I use business hours to report on tickets solved by an agent within a "day", that is outside the timezone Zendesk is set to?

  • Janelle Pena

    Hi Zac! just to clear things out, do you wish to create a report wherein the tickets were solved within business hours or outside your business hours? Also, please note that when reporting on Business Hours, currently, you can build reports based on any of the following:

    • First reply time in hours
    • First resolution time in hours
    • Full resolution time in hours
    • Agent wait time in hours
    • Requester wait time in hours
    • On-hold time in hours

    And to know more about the metrics and object reference, I suggest that you take a look at these articles:

  • Zac

    Hi Janelle,

    Thanks for clarifying. I'm interested in understanding how many tickets were solved on a given day. For example, I would like to see how many tickets were solved on Monday, and how many tickets were solved Tuesday, and compare the two numbers. So I want to know # of tickets, not a wait time, on hold time, etc. It has to be # of tickets solved within business hours... from what I'm able to tell in the object reference, that's not possible. I just wanted to see if there were any creative solutions in that area. Our team is distributed across a few different countries, so they can't all report off of one local time zone, and need to see how many tickets were solved within their "day" instead of a "day" in the default timezone of our Zendesk. Hope that makes it a bit clearer.

  • Keven Farnworth

    Hi there, 

    How would I manipulate the Requester Wait Time to not include On-Hold time? Ideally, for our metrics, we would only want it to track Open and New status.


    Thank you

  • Clea Mahoney

    I have the same question as Keven - looking for a solution!

    Thanks in advance.

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator

    You can create your own custom metric to remove the on hold time, then use this new metric in your reports.

    The on hold time is under the 'Facts' section:

    The new metric could look like this:


  • Dan Greaves

    Is it possible to report assign time based on business hours?

  • James Sanford

    Hey Dan!

    Assign time can be interpreted in a few different ways, I'll do my best to answer each of these.  

    If you are looking for the time from when a ticket was submitted until an Agent assigned it to themselves, then I would recommend just reporting on [Biz Hrs] First Reply Time as it would be expected that an Agent would assign the ticket to themselves at the same time they are responding.

    If you are looking for the total time the ticket was assigned to a specific agent then I would recommend reporting on [Biz Hrs] Full Resolution Time (assuming the ticket was not reassigned) as this will give you the total time within business hours it took to resolve the issue.

    If you are looking for the exact amount of time that a ticket was assigned to an individual then I would recommend the custom metrics outlined in  Please keep in mind this metric does not utilize business hours by default so you would also need to take the extra steps to manually define the hours you are within business.  This particular aspect would be the most difficult portion as we do not have a guide for this nor would I recommend attempting this due to the complexity.

    With a clearer picture of exactly what you're attempting to report on it may be possible to provide you with better solutions.  I would recommend submitting a ticket to us at if that is the case!

  • Ian Smith

    If you have multiple schedules, which one does Insights use for business hours?


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