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    Why would you select How to be "[Text Field] New Value" and not simply "Ticket Assignee"?

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    Mandeep Singh

    Hi Adi,

    The report is built to provide a simple method to see how many tickets are getting assigned to your agents each day. 

    In a normal day, your agent may get a ticket assigned to them and then they route that ticket to a different agent or team. This report allows you to track that ticket which lets you know that it was at some point assigned to that agent. This is why you have to use "[Text Field] New Value".

    "Ticket assignee" will only show you tickets that the agent is currently assigned to. It will not be able to take into account tickets that were assigned to the agent and which the agent ended up escalating to a different team or another agent. 

    If you were to look at the numbers for "[Text Field] New Value"  and "Ticket assignee" - you will notice that the numbers differ because they are reporting two different things. 

    "[Text Field] New Value" = # Ticket assigns: number of tickets the agent was assigned

    "Ticket assignee" - number of tickets currently assigned to the agent

    I hope this helps clarify. 

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