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Release Notes

This app is no longer receiving new features. Please check out the new app Zendesk Support for iPhone.

Release notes for the new iPhone app can be found here.



2016-07-15 (3.9.3)

 What's new:

  • Bug fixes and improvements to Single Sign On


2016-05-30 (3.9.2)

 What's new:

  • Bug fixes and security enhancements


2016-02-24 (3.9.1)

 What's new:

  • Bug fixes including SSO improvements 
  • Updated to respect the new Mobile Access Setting


2015-12-08 (3.8)

 What's new:

  • Additional localization for Norwegian, Turkish, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Romanian and Finnish
  • Removal of iOS6 Support
  • Bug fixes and security enhancements


2015-11-16 (3.7)

 What's new:

  • Suspended Tickets view for iPad with bulk delete and bulk recover
  • Quick requestor creation for iPhone and iPad
  • iOS7 login improvements
  • Bug fixes and security enhancements


2015-09-24 & 2015-09-28 (3.6.4 - 3.6.5)

 What's new:

  • iOS 9 support and enhancements


2015-08-12 (3.6.1 - 3.6.3)

 What's new:

  • Basic Authentication Single Sign-on support
  • iPad reporting improvements


2015-07-26 (3.6)

 What's new:

  • 1password authentication for iPhone and iPad


2015-07-06 (3.5)

  • Service Level Agreements for iPhone. See how your tickets are tracking against their next SLA 
  • JWT & SAML Authentication for iPhone and iPad. More control over how you login to the Zendesk app
  • iPhone bug fixes related to bulk edit, suspended tickets and applying macros


2015-05-05 (3.4) & (3.4.1)

 What's new:

  • Manage your suspended tickets. You can view, recover, and delete suspended tickets
  • Bulk ticket editing. Edit multiple tickets at a time to update properties, apply macros, add comments, delete and mark as spam
  • Support for Two-Factor Authentication
  • Minor bug fixes related to login messaging, applying macros and comment submission


2014-04-17 (3.2.1)

 What's Fixed:

  • We fixed an issue with Customer Satisfaction Ratings which started affecting customers after our last release.
  • We fixed some of the issues surrounding push notifications and badge counts.
  • We fixed a number of issues causing the app to crash for some customers.


2014-03-13 (3.2)

 What's new:

  • A brand new design for iOS 7.
  • Swipe between tickets in a view.
  • A new comment back menu that makes it much clearer if you are replying via email, @reply, DM, email only or just adding an internal note.
  • Customer Satisfaction Ratings are now visible on iPhone tickets.

What's fixed:

  • Channel back options for Facebook and Twitter now work correctly.
  • Fixed crash related to ticket views grouped by checkbox value.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented some comments from appearing on iPad.
  • Updated with the latest Text Expanded library for iPhone which will fix the issue some customers encountered after updating to iOS 7.
  • We also fixed many more smaller bugs.

After updating to this version you will need to log in again using your Zendesk domain, username and password.


2013-07-11 (3.1.2)

 What's new:

  • Some highly requested features from our iPad app are now in the iPhone app. We've added support for problem incident linking, ticket deletion, and the ability to mark a ticket as spam.
  • Searching for a ticket ID will now directly open the ticket if the ticket exists.

What's fixed:

  • The last field can now be properly selected on a ticket with greater than 13 custom fields.
  • Fixed various crash issues affecting some customers when solving a ticket or when returning to a view from a ticket.
  • Fixed an issue with categorized macros not properly applying to tickets.
  • If your account is set to not allow CCs on a ticket, agents can no longer change the requester on a ticket. This is now consistent with the web application.


2013-06-09 (3.1.1)

What's new:

  • Support for our upcoming ticket forms feature
  • Following the convention of the new Zendesk agent interface, comments are now always in reverse chronological order.
  • As is supported in iPad, you can now search for and select an assignee and group in a single field on iPhone.

What's fixed:

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the app to become unresponsive after submitting a ticket comment.
  • Fixed an attachments issue that would would return an attachment length error and not submit the ticket properly.
  • Copying a ticket URL now uses your host-mapped domain to compose the ticket link URL.
  • Users can now properly add tags on new tickets.
  • Facebook comments now display properly when viewing a ticket created from Facebook.
  • Custom dropdown fields with nested fields now display properly when the second level of options contains one option.
  • Timestamps now honor the date/time settings of your device.
  • iPhone: The app now retains your username and domain upon logout.


2013-05-13 (3.1.0)

What's new:

  • Zendesk for iOS is now available in 14 languages—German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, English, English (UK), Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.


2013-04-15 (3.0.1)

What's new:

  • Timestamps now honor the date/time settings of your device instead of using the Zendesk account setting.

What's fixed:

  • Fixed an issue with the "Take it" quick action on iPad properly assigning the ticket to the acting agent
  • Solving the last ticket in a view no longer causes a crash
  • Fixed various issues with macro application
  • Fixed issues with displaying nested custom fields in iPhone and iPad
  • Fixed an issue with tickets that have many comments not displaying all comments
  • TextExpander support has been restored to iPad
  • Fixed an issue where the new ticket form cannot scroll if the account has no custom fields
  • in iPhone, added a cancel button for search
  • On iPhone, restored the next/previous buttons from within the ticket detail interface
  • Agents on IP-restricted Zendesk accounts can again access their accounts via iPhone and iPad


2013-03-26 (3.0.0)

Zendesk for iPad now has a brand new interface and brings in more advanced features from the Web version that not only helps support agents get the job done but also lets managers be in the know about support performance:

  • A new personal agent dashboard allows you to get started right away. Access your open tickets, your group's open tickets, and your recently rated tickets.
  • Our customers on the Regular, Plus, and Enterprise plans have access to a new reporting dashboard with insights into ticket activity, first response time, and agent performance metrics.
  • Do you manage more than one Zendesk account? We now support access to multiple accounts on your iPad.
  • Swipe gestures in your ticket views allow you to easily take, reassign, bookmark, or mark tickets as spam.
  • On each customer profile, you can now view a complete list of the customer's ticket activity and history.
  • A majority of support agents use our iPad app as a way to get an overview of open tickets. The ticket screen has been optimized for viewing, but with full control and visibility of ticket properties in landscape mode.
  • We've brought a number of highly requested features to the iPad. View satisfaction ratings, view linked incidents from problem tickets, delete tickets, and take advantage of the combined group and assignee menu inspired by our new Zendesk web interface.

If you use our iPhone app, we've addressed a confusing detail of our ticket comment interface. The upper right button on the comment screen now persists the comment and the upper left button cancels the comment.

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